The Fashion Realm || Official Signup Thread


Hi, everyone! My name is Gracie, and I have recently did a poll on The New Ideas Thread if people wanted this RP idea to happen, and so, it does! Continue reading down below to find out everything you need to know for joining this roleplay!

Congratulations, your application has been accepted and you are one of the 12 contestants of the famous show, The Fashion Realm!

We will be making sure you very much enjoy your stay in one of France’s luxurious hotels, the NH Hotel. We hope you are prepared to meet the one and only, Madame Louise. She is excited for your arrival here in Paris, France.

Best Wishes,
Fernando, your show host.

The Fashion Realm is a roleplay that is centered around Paris, France, where you will be competing against 11 other fashion designers to win the prize of $500,000 dollars and the position of being Madame Louise’s designing assistant, an opportunity of a lifetime and the dream of a fashion designer. The show lasts 11 weeks. Sunday and Saturday, are the days you will be able to have freetime around the hotel and/or socialize with other designers. Monday, the day you will be given your clothing theme and the start to brainstorm your design idea. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the three days you will have to work on your fashion design. And Friday, the day you will show your design to our three judges and Madame Louise. Fellow designers are as well to vote on the design they think is best, and will help narrow down the judge’s decisions. When it’s down to the last three weeks, there will only be three people left. These three will be given much harder challenges, and one will be eliminated once more, until the top two. During the last week, the top two designers will be judged by only Madame Louise and one guest judge. The winning designer will then be chosen and given the prize money and the job contract.

Before you signup, there are things you should note:

  1. Your characters can have secret romances, but intentionally, they are forbidden from falling in love.
  2. Watch your characters’ backs, their every move is being watched, probably filmed by the cameras.
  3. The only privacy you can have is in your rooms.
  4. I recommend making friendships to find out each other weaknesses.
  5. Sabotage is allowed in this RP, but is not recommended, cameras may be filming you and this will cause complete elimination.
  6. Don’t worry if you’re eliminated! Your character will still be playable, they just aren’t allowed to participate in challenges, besides voting.
  7. You must sign up one female and male, we want a gender balance going! :slight_smile:

Here is the signup form.


There are no more spots remaining for this roleplay! There may be a Season Two if this goes well, so keep your eyes peeled! If the two reserved people do not signup by next week, two spots will open up!


ooo reserve! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::revolving_hearts:


I’m not exactly sure how to RP but I wanna sign up


Wait so how would we do the design thing… is it like actual or do we find a picture?


Well, you will pretend to design it. Then on Friday, you’ll walk down wearing your design, so it won’t be revealed until Friday! :wink:


Wait so is it gonna be like a picture or just described?


It will be a picture, but you must roleplay when you’re making it. The only thing is you cannot reveal the picture until Friday (in the roleplay).


oh ok! that makes a lot more sense. would we find the pictures based on the requirements of the challenge? oh and also, reserve.




cool, thanks! I’ll fill out the form by the end of tmrw cuz I have to go to bed now.


Your reservation is accepted, sign up your female and male soon!


Okay, thank you! :slight_smile:




Your reservation is accepted! Make sure to fill out the signups soon!


The link does not work. So can I reserve?


reserve for two please!


I submitted the form! When will the RP start?


As soon as the spots are full!




I signed up.