The fear before publishing, help!

It’s been awhile since I started writing and learning directing and even learning how to outline and draw and i think my story is unique and strange and i like it :joy:
The thing is im so scared i mean I’d be ready to release the first five chapters in a few days but I’m scared that no one would read i have no followers i don’t know anyone in Episode community I’m literally at zero
My question is, did all popular authors started from zero? How can you get your story be recognized? Any advice?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking for reads but it’s just I’m working so so so hard on my story that i want it to be known that’s all :joy:
And if there’s a new writers like me let’s get to know each other and discuss our fears!


I can’t speak for popular authors, but everyone starts somewhere.

Promote your stories in the promote your story page! Keep writing and just be focused on releasing your story, which I’m sure is great. :slight_smile:

We all get scared to share our stuff, and (honestly) it’s still scary lol! But you can do it!


You’re right, Thank you :heart:yeah it is scary :joy:

I’m not a popular author, but I also wonder how those authors got their stories recognized.
I guess if you think you’ve worked hard enough and you’re fairly confident then publish it. My fears are that the directing might be lame or that there’s not enough discussion between the characters. I started working on a story in INK in June and I finished making the first episode just by the end of September.
Wait for it… I decided to stop making that story and do something new, in LL because the style was getting updated with new clothing, hair… What I did was crazy but it’s what I wanted to do. :sweat_smile::joy:
SO, if you’re passionate and confident about your story, publish it.

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I like it, i love my characters i think they deserve to see the light but in the same time i open my Instagram then i get a hell of depression i feel like a loser😂

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You mean like rude comments?

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Yeah or maybe no comments at all lol

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Eh, it’s fine. You shouldn’t think about that.
The haters always gonna hate :joy:
Ignore them!

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You’re right! I will :heart_eyes:

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