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Everyone has fears. Whether it’s heights, cats, dogs, small spaces, being alone, being lonely, being lost, being sad, death… but what would you do if your biggest fear came to life? Would you do if someone’s fear came true each and every day? To haunt you… and to make you fear them. Would you run? Would you hide? Would you release your fear, would you let it go?

In the small town of Zachary, Louisiana you can do anything but escape your fears. The townspeople of Zachary can not leave for reasons still unknown to all the citizens… you may enter, but you can never escape. Each day they face a new challenge, but don’t we all?? Not like they do… each day a new fear comes to life. When one comes to life, you must all overcome it in order to finally escape them but after escaping one fear… someone else’s biggest fear comes to life. You can only leave the town of Zachary when you have overcome everyone’s fears… But until you do, you can never escape… unless through death.

How it all started:

seven years ago, Travis Stone, a 17 year old senior at Zachary High School, discovered a portal. A portal between everyone’s minds and the town of Zachary. Travis couldn’t resist the temptation, a new discovery, he would go down in history! But he didn’t know the consequences. He would cross over, every single day and read everyone’s thoughts, look through everyone’s eyes. He became greedy, wanting to know more and more and more. But the portal started closing. Getting smaller and smaller every day. Until he could no longer go through and it disappeared. But the chaos that he had caused people’s minds left a small crack in the portal, letting things through… like fears.

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Hi I want to join a RP
I want to join another role play

Making one girl now


reserve (might start making) a female character!




I’ll make a male character. Though I’m a little tired now to think, but I PROMISE to have him complete within the next couple of days. :wink:

How many characters are we allowed?


as many as you want


WOOHOO! I probably stick to males, and I’ll try to have a range of ages, as I know most people will choose to stick to teens or early twenties. :wink:


I made a 19 year old female, college student!

But I noticed I put 18 so I messed up lol.


I am making a 30 year old male.

Is there a way for them to have kids?


Sounds tempting. Save me a spot?


I made one! It’s a 16 year old girl named Jasmine


permission needed to access faceclaims




Of course we will!!


@Firely_epi that fear is taken, please choose another


Which fear?


The puppet or spiders


Spiders dude


ok so I will use puppet