The First 2018 Unofficial Story Contest: Soccer Moms


I am pleased to announce the first unofficial Episode story prompt contest has begun.

This contest’s prompt is–
Your main character is a soccer mom.

The Rules of the Contest
The main character of the story must be a soccer mom.
In the manner of official Episode contest, he title of the story must be preceded by Soccer Mom:
(i.e. Soccer Mom: Goal)
You may not use a story that has already been published.
All stories must be complete by the time of the deadline.
The contents of the story must follow all Episode guidelines.

I understand that many writers will be busy with examinations in the next few months; therefore, you have until May 31, 2018 to submit your story.

By entering the contest, you agree to promote the winning story on your Episode profile and any Episode specific social media profiles you may have.

More details to be announced soon.

The Link to the Sign-Up Form

Unofficial Story Contests

So excited! I’m going to try to enter!! :hugs::tada:




How many episodes? :thinking:


There is no limit as long as it was not written before the contest and is complete at the time of the deadline. :slight_smile:




This sounds interesting! Might have to enter :slight_smile:


Don’t mind me.
I’m just bumping the thread.


I’m so excited!! Working on my third chapter!! :tada:


Lol, nobody seems to be noticing this. What if nobody enters and it’s just me…? :joy::thinking:


Yay! I wish you the best!
Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. :wink:


Thanks! :blush: Great! :slight_smile:


lols. what to worry? you will win then.:joy:


Do you just win promotion on instagram?


Good question.
If you win, all other authors who entered will help promote your story, and you will get shout-outs on Instagram.
You will also receive a badge for your stories cover, and I will arrange for your story to be reviewed by a few prominent reviewers in the community.
Additionally, we’ll recommend your story to those asking for story recommendations.

Plus you get bragging rights, and that’s the most important thing. :wink:


Great, thank you!




yay! I am so so excited. THIS WILL BE my first story written on the computer!


@Cricket_Master if we write it, do we just tell the name here after publishing?


@Cricket_Master How is the winner decided? :thinking: