The First 2018 Unofficial Story Contest: Soccer Moms


Judging has started. I was without Wi-Fi for a week, but I can get back on it now. :slight_smile:

I believe there were only two entries, but we intend to place as much care in the judging as we would in any contest.


Okay. Only 2? So only one other one, as mine would be the 2nd. Wow! :scream::joy:


@Cricket_Master what is the name of the second story. Does reads from Episode readers count in the judging?


The two entries are Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future and Soccer Moms: The Singers (Complete).

The number of reads does not count, as we have a fairly large team of reviewers, and few entries.
Everything will be beased off the quality of ghe story.

I apologize for the delay. It is exam season for many of us, and we want to be sure we can put our full attention to the stories. XD