The Five Rings ~Rp/Sg~ [SIGN UPS] OPEN



When you decide to live your dream and become a scientist, you end up figuring how to time travel using Einstein’s E=mc squared. During the Olympics you end up time traveling the whole Olympic Games back to the Ancient Rome Olympics. You have to find a way to stop the wretched time machine before your life and others, are erased.

  1. No sex.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Love is aloud.
  4. Blur swear words or * them.
  5. Reserve a athlete before signing up, or I’ll have to decline until possible.
  6. Any suggestions? PM me.
  7. Sign up before the first of October.

Reserved Athletes:


Main Characters:

3/6. @livvy613 @Mimi0829 @Forever1201

Secondary Characters:


Sign up link:

Faceclaims coming out soon!

@Kate_Potter @Rose.M



Reserve for main character




I’ll sign up later when I’m not in le car.




I signed up!!


I signed up and reserve for a main character :blush:


Bump. This still open? If so, reserve for main char


Idk. I think it’s dead…