The Flame Between Us [COMING SOON]

The Flame Between Us

Welcome to the promotional thread for my (revamped) story “The Flame Between Us”! :blob_hearts: This thread includes everything you need to know about this story before the release! NOT a R4R thread.

inspo for this format goes to @molly247, ily molly :see_no_evil:


Advanced Directing

Mental Illnesses

Points System

Multiple Endings

Multiple LI’s (including females)

Important Choices


Small Cover:

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Large Cover:

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Ellen reinvented herself for Andrew and became her own worst enemy. When they reunite, will the flame between them rekindle once more, or will it remain put out?


Introducing the MC: Ellen Marie Westbrooke

Introducing the Main LI: Andrew Robert Stone

Trigger Warnings

Please be sure to read this! It’s important.

As said earlier, this story does have talks and themes of mental illnesses/health and trauma, including depression, anxiety, domestic/verbal abuse, self-harm, and s*xual harassment, which are all heavy topics and based on my personal experiences. I wanted to write a story to spread awareness and show how mental illnesses/trauma can affect a person and their daily life. I will also just say that this is NOT a story where the LI swoops in and magically puts an end to the MC’s pain and suffering. To me, that’s very unrealistic and offensive, and I would never do that. I will ALWAYS put a Trigger Warning and an option to SKIP when there is a triggering or sensitive scene. I will also be sure to NOT go too in-depth in any of these themes, as I do not want to break Episode guidelines or accidentally trigger someone. This story is very close to my heart and I am writing some of these triggering themes in the ways I have personally experienced them. If you feel any of these themes in this story are portrayed inaccurately/offensively, please don’t hesitate to educate me and tell me how I can correct them! It is, and will never be my intention to trigger someone else because of the way I have written about my/Ellen’s trauma.

Sneak Peeks

Chapter 1


Q: Can we customize the main characters?

A: Unfortunately, no. This story is about Ellen and Andrew, and they are created how I imagine them to be. This story also contains custom overlays, which would make things a lot harder for me if I were to include CC.

Q: How many Love Interests are there?

A: While Andrew is the main love interest, I wanted to give the reader an option to decide who Ellen would end up with, though that’s based on character points :eyes:. I was planning on only having 3, but I am still unsure if I should include season 1’s female LI in the final choice, seeing as I currently have no plans for her to be in the final seasons. I may change my mind on her though, giving Ellen 2 male LI’s and 2 female LI’s.

Q: How many chapters will this story have?

A: I currently have 3-4 seasons planned out with around 10-15 episodes each, but this all depends on my motivation/ideas. Long story short: definitely 40+ episodes.

Q: When will this story be out?

A: I actually have no idea. I am really busy with school most of the time and barely have any to work on TFBU. However, if everything goes according to plan and if I don’t procrastinate (again), it could be out by February (but I wouldn’t get your hopes up since I originally planned for Dec. 2020 and failed. :see_no_evil:)


Have any other questions/feedback? Feel free to ask me below!

If you’d like to be tagged when the story is out, please let me know.

note: I will be needing some beta-readers before I publish, so if you are interested please pm me!

& if you can, please share this with your friends/anyone who may be interested!

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