The forms with possible bots / hackers ? What do you think of it

I can’t be the only one who noticed that the last week there been bots or people hacked on here and tbh it getting quite annoying considering it’s manly bots or hackers promoting things on here that some times don’t fit with the categories like so this was added to this post 2 years later and the account was made and hour ago from this post meaning it’s most likely a bot no hate or anything if this is a person
Now I do know this is on topic of what it got posted to but you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a ad with just the word (overlays) added after every time it brings up leather jacket and there’s no link and it just seems not fit bc to me it sound better with out the word (overlays) it just seems like it was coded in or something like that again no hate if this is a real person it’s just my opinion if you see more topics that seem like bots or unusual for that person or topic flag it so it can be looked at

(Wasn’t sure if the was for fans or forms so I picked fans bc it’s an opinion but ya)


Yup I saw that along with another bot that was advertising a music service . I’m pretty sure their bots . And I’ve been talking abt it with a couple of other authors .


Yea this is like the first time I’ve seen bots or hackers on here for a good bit


I’ve talked to Sydney about it and she said best way is to flag it so she can look into it .


I flagged it but this will be a nice topic so ppl can express how they are feeling about the whole issue with them


They must catch people out otherwise why would they bother?

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For Further Reference

These kinds of posts are typically made by bots. Please flag them and do not interact with them.

Thanks - Sydney