The forum toxic traits

:ghost: BOO


I’m so sorry! :frowning:
Your art looks really good though.

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Hey, I am so sorry this happened to you. The toxicity on this app can be so much, but I hope you’re still enjoying your time here.

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Sorry you had to go through that.
But isn’t quitting giving her what she wanted?
Like she came to you and kept bothering and you gave her what she wanted, you quit.
She kept bothering for a reason.


I agree this community can be too much sometimes when we turn against each other. I know who you are talking about and I don’t believe they had bad intentions. They are pointing it out so people don’t get scammed.

the color looks amazing I will admit that, I cant blend like that,

that was me who called you out because you are tracing that is the problem, I am sorry your getting hurt. but dont act like you have done nothing wrong

btw I am not gonna comment anymore because I dont wanna start a fight



I am so sorry for that toxic girl. for one your art is amazing, for phone drawing,and a cracked screen. That’s disappointing that there are people on here like that.

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Let me ask you a little question, are you going to come for Da Vinci too, because he painted the Mona Lisa as she looks? Because it seems like you have a problem with people who draw things as they are.


I did not do anything wrong, You think someone is going to ask me to draw a dog and I’m going to to send her the boy that I drew?

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Okay, Said i am not gonna reply, will log out after this, but for a note if hour not tracing. Prove it.

Your art is gorgeous :star_struck: Just block and report the user if they said anything harrasive.


I’m going to stick up for @Calyps0 here, one that looks like a REAL photo of someone, she could have used it for reference, but i don’t think she copied that. She could have used it for reference and challenged her self to draw it the same. Not trying to argue but it’s kinda for rude to question her work, i’m mean i would have asked if she traced/copied but not sending her a thing on what it means to trace/referring. I think she would know if she was an artist.


Layer by layer that’s how I draw.


As an artist myself or at least someone’s who’s participated in art studies and has been creating art for years, I’d like to add to this ‘conversation’. My opinion is based off of what I read on this topic and the three art pieces I saw. To me it seems as this person who humiliated you is right. The art pieces all look very different from each other (as in different styles), however many people have multiple styles, so I won’t be using that as a strong argument. The last art piece you drew and the reference photo looks exactly the same, as in the pose and the placement of everything. It seems like you coloured it in/blended very well, but it appears as if you had created an outline or drew directly on the reference piece. This isn’t meant to attack you, but referencing and tracing/copying are very different things and as an artist I’m sure you’d agree. However it seems you’ve been very hurt, but the accusation and it would be nice if you could show us a piece that you did with a reference that looks similar, but not exactly the same. :blue_heart:


And I’d also like to add that in the original topic you created I do think the situation should have been handled privately, at least at first.


For an episode story

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If you don’t follow her already , you should check out @El3ctr0n1c K1m3r4 (also on instagram). I commissioned 2 art pieces from her and i’m in awe.

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It looks really nice, did you use any reference for this one as well? Or was it simply based off of an episode character?

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From what I’ve seen in this thread at least, it does look like you’re highly referencing other people’s art. I think most artists started from tracing and then slowly grew to develop their own style from a mix of color studies, still lifes, etc. I’m a traditional artist so I don’t really understand how it works digitally, but if you’re layering a photo or someone else‘s work under your own and working on top of it, then I mean that is copying to a degree.

I think most of the disconnect comes from not being upfront about the referencing in the first place. To trace something and then label it as an example of your original work is ehhhhhhhh,

Do you have any examples of work that you’ve drawn from your imagination? I would use those examples for your art shop (I know you said you weren’t making art here anymore, but I mean in the future if you take commissions or something).


This one is base if an episode character.

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