The forums are getting "dry" lately

So, the previous thread about this got closed. I decided to open up this topic once again so that people can further discuss this. I know that a lot of users here also notice that this forums are getting “dry” lately. So…

What are your thoughts about this? Do you also feel the same way? Do you have any suggestions that may help improve this current situation?


I’ve never seen such a dry forum before built with so many cons surrounding it.

Most definitely :wink:

No, once you go dry you can never go back. I’ve been lurking around topics and I needed to take a sip of my water.

It’s like eating a Popeyes biscuit, dry as hell


I think the forums lost a lot of good users with the closure of the RPG category. The comments on the announcement thread that it would be closed is filled with people saying they were done with the forum and begging to not close it… Even though I never used the RPG part of the forums, I understand it was a huge part of this place.

worried if I say any more I’ll get flagged so I’ll leave it at that…

How we could fix this? I don’t know. We’ve gone far too deep now, people seem to be loosing more and more interest in this place as time goes on.


Hmm. Maybe make more threads in the General Chat category? Reddit questions are always interesting. Actually any kind of random question is interesting xD

Honestly Idk if it will work though ;-;
I’m worried if it will eventually be buried beneath all the other threads :scream:


I can totally understand this concern :thinking:. The forum team does allow one bump per thread per user per day. This would be a great way to keep your important threads that you want to remain active at the top of the Latest page and gain more attention. :yay:


I was reading through your threads and wondered what RPG was. Could someone explain it to me please? Hahah man im a newb

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It was a Role Playing Game section(hence RPG) where people made a storyline and other people joined and they created characters who played (a) role(s) into the storylines… (I did not participate in the RPG section as you could tell.)


Since the mods decided to close the other thread for stupid reasons. I just wanna bring it up that this is the reason the forums are dry. Everyone’s leaving, and honestly I get why.


I agree. That’s why you can join the other forums. If you really want too.


I know its impossible, but they could try bringing back the RP section.
That I noticed made a large difference.


Okay, I have a lot to say about this.

I agree to an extent but only because I don’t participate in r4r threads and things like that. I do try to comment on discussion threads where I feel as if I have an opinion but those are few and far between when compared to the r4r, read my story, do you want cc?? threads.
I will say it’s been harder to find places to add in my two cents lately.

I think it would help immensely if people would mention what they want to talk about/ the threads they’d like to see. There’s a group of us who are fairly good about creating topics and starting discussions and yet I see some people not ever even trying to partake so…:eyes: I’m also going to add that everyone can create topics. If you think the forums are dry or boring create discussions and conversations that others can partake in. It’s not the responsibility of 7 of us to make sure there’s active threads for people to partake in that aren’t the r4r, cc? threads. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes I notice this too… Only come back for check updates…


This place used to be so much fun back in the past years. But now, it’s just… meh. I only visit the forums for updates, but almost none of the recent topics seems intriguing to me anymore.

The Episode forums already lost a lot of their awesome users, and now they even lost more of them after removing the RP section.

One suggestion, though. I think it would be more fun if the forums had fun weekly or monthly challenges that are run by the mods or other well-known users. This might help boost the activity in the forums.

I also wish the users here can be more, “welcoming” to the other ones. One of the reasons that drive people away is the environment here. It would be better if we can make it more “friendlier” to other users :blush:




I don’t know but a Roleplay section seems cool and decent—as long as it doesn’t get too cringey. Uh

Maybe it’s just the quarantine vibes but honestly, I expected this to happen when mobile creation was taken out. Er, you guys took out one of the main reasons people came to this site (roleplay section or something) so it figures why it’s seemed dry lately.

Er, bring back roleplay section?
Bring back mobile creation?
An Episode social media would be lit as well!
Everyone here is to busy getting flagged or s*** so we can’t really say much.


I think theres too many categories and sub categories, everything is getting so lost
I made a thread about story recommendations under what I thought was the right category and then the mods moved it to another subcategory

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i don’t mind the subcategories, they keep everything organized. i can get why they’re annoying to some

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I think its good when you’re looking for an exact thing and it gives the site organization, but I can see how threads can get really lost in all of them, or hard to find


It has gotten dry…

It’s sad bc I love this forum- even tho I’m kinda new…


Give me back my RP posts that have accumulated over almost 2 years, then maybe I’ll forgive you.