The Free 4 Passes won't load?


I went on the episode app to, you know, read the stories. However, the 4 passes that we usually get don’t come up. Recently, I don’t get any notifications that my passes have refilled. I had updated the app yesterday, but nothing happened. If you know what to do, please help me. Thanks!

Missing tickets

That’s been happening with me too. Last night I had 98 tickets. I used four, and they never regenerataed. I’m stressed because I can’t get the daily reward, given that if I do, my total will be lower.


The same thing happened to me today. I used four passes yesterday evening like normal. I woke up in the morning without new passes and they still have not not refreshed all day today. I have tried shutting down my iPhone along with exiting and entering the app. Nothing has worked.


The same happened to me! I woke up yesterday without my passes being refilled. I uninstalled it thinking the problem would be fixed, but it ended up deleting my progress from this month and my passes went from 106 to 84. I’m still not getting my passes refilled.


Is there already a solution to this problem? It’s almost 2 days and my ticket is still not reloading please episode people we need our free tickets huhu


This is how I feel too :frowning:


Mine are now at 92, as they didn’t get refilled AGAIN, even AFTER I did the daily challenge. They really need to fix this.


This has happened to me too. Two days ago I played the game using my 4 free passes and went to bed and the next morning they hadn’t refilled. I’ve tried everything and it still hasn’t been solved.


Honestly, it’s frustrating me cause there’s loads of stories that I have lost progress on and I’d like to catch up with as fast as I can. It’s giving me anxiety just seeing them piled up and unread, and I can’t use the passes I’ve saved up. They really need to fix this asap


It has now been two days and still no free passes! I am getting frustrated. I am not going to be using the app until my passes are refilled! My app is completely up to date and I have not done anything that I do not normally do on the app. Please fix this issue episode!


The same has been happening to me and honestly I don’t know what to do?! It’s already been a few days and my passes won’t appear.


I tried checking today to see if anything was fixed or something, and there was no refill. It sucks because there are some really good stories that I need to read! Episode please fix this!


the same thing is happening to me too :frowning: really annoying! please fix this episode !


Has anybody found anything to help with this??? Cause I just wanna read some stories


Its very annoying i want to read and i cant read because these passes wont poad, please fix this


I sent a message about this to Episode, and they never said anything. I really feel like they don’t care.


Same thing is happening to me please do something about it!


I will add my name to the list! Super annoying. I have a lot of passes but I usually only use 4, expecting the refill. Now it is just lowering :frowning: Started at 564 now have 550 in just one day.


I sent a message to episode the day it happened and they replied to me giving me an explanation of what passes are and the types that there are, which was completely irrelevant to what I had asked them. They probably didn’t even read what I wrote.


this is exactly what they did to me too :confused: