The Free 4 Passes won't load?


What is the maximum passes that we can have for them to refill. Becasue i had 86 passess and now i have 73 but before all this updating i would read a chapter with four passes and gain a pass from the streak they need to fix this before all together i stop reading episode i think everyone should do the same. If enough people stop reading then they’ll have no choice but return all the passes they owe us.


You can only have 4 refillable passes and it will not refill past 4. So those 73 passes you have, you can’t use 4 of them and have them refilled because they’re considered reward passes. It’s now a one time use pass unless you go below 4. It really sucks but this decision is causing outrage so I hope they reconsider.


I haven’t even bothered going on Episode after this atrocious change. And I was one of those people that would be on the app everyday and for more than a couple of hours. But now I went back to Wattpad for my daily reading. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been reading more Wattpad than Episode, since I hardly play Episode at all now.


This is so stupid, if we wanna stock passes we should be able to. I had 119 now I’m at 66 :confused:


What has gotten into episode? I had 45 passes now I’m down to 25, this update will cause new unknown authors to have less readers all because of this stupid update, I was looking forward to writing my story, but i know it won’t get a lot of reads because of the 4 passes policy :roll_eyes: I’ll just stick to wattpad if episode starts restricting the app even more.


Hey Crystal,

Was that issue ever resolved in the tickets not being reloaded after a couple of hours? Just in case episodes has gotten back to you about it, because I’m goibg through the same problem as well. I had close to 100 tickets and it dropped all the way down to 62 tickets which is no big deal, but the speed that I’m readinc these episodes I’ll be back to the beginning. If they got back to you lmk. I’m thinking of removing episodes and redone loading it again.


This is sush crap. Episode should change back to the 4 hour releasing passes. There are so many great stories but with this change that was made then there will be no more readings for the authors and with this made me not read anymore episodes because I can’t read enough to complete the challenges and to see what will happen next in the next episode. I repeat episode should change back to the refills and they will get more readers to read more stories with the 4 hour refill pass.


Can I just ask who’s actually going to buy passes just for one time use? Think about it, people buy passes so they could use them when deemed convenient & not because they’re forced to use them or they won’t get these 4 hours refill! Why try to fix something that’s not broken?


Well I can’t explain the full thing, but read through some of the comments to find the answer. :+1:


It’s not a bug. Those passes you have are now a one time use so they don’t refill anymore unless you have below 4 passes.

For those who are frustrated about this please refer to this post!!: APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours


Well, I find it interesting that they say it is a glitch. Last year, or maybe it has been longer than that, I logged into my account to find that I went from having 4 passes to 30. I never purchase passes because I don’t have the money to be spending on that when I have other expenses (like eating, living, school, etc). Then I’ve been accumulating passes every since. If this is just a “glitch,” it’s been going on for a long time and I doubt their team didn’t notice it.
I agree with everyone about their dislike for the passes not refilling. I get the whole “need to make money” thing, but like someone else said, I won’t be buying passes anyways still.


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So I’d read down to 18 passes but I just got a notification saying my passes had been refilled and they had, Ive now got 22. Have they changed it back?




Same here, I had 40 but then they kept going down but I thought it was because I wasn’t paying attention to how many passes I was using, but then when I got on this morning I saw that they didn’t refil so I made an account here to try to find out why, I’m Lowkey a little pissed not gonna lie lolol


I’ve been using episode for years and free passes never stacked up for me, meaning if I had 4 passes prior to the refill, I would still have 4 after the refill. The only ways to get more have always been the daily challenges, youtuber partner links or buying passes. So I ended up buying the unlimited passes a couple of times. I can’t believe some players had an unfair advantage… Every user should’ve been able to stack up passes.


For me I thought it was a glitch. I had no idea others where able to do this. But you are absolutely right, everyone should have this ability.


Wow I had no idea that this was a glitch and thought that all users where able to accumulate passes. How unfortunate. :disappointed_relieved:


I believe all users were able to. There was a certain way to do it at first then once you set it up and get it rolling, it goes on from there.