The Free 4 Passes won't load?


For me. It was use all 4 free tickets and didn’t collect the reward until my free tickets reload. After I see all my tickets there then I collect my reward ticket for doing the daily mission and bam I had 5 tickets.


I’ve been taking time off from Episode for a couple weeks now, and honestly I kinda feel more lively? I’ve been reading Wattpad and doing some work. I really haven’t touched on writing Episode stories that I had planned to write. Not really angry anymore, just more like tired of this.


i’ve been thinking about this since the policy change went into place, and i truly believe that the only way episode will listen to us and change the pass policy back is if we approach them as consumers/customers, as opposed to as a community. we air our complaints on the forums, and get no response besides the generic, pre-written ones from episode. however, as episode has shown us that they are becoming more interested in making money than building their community, we do the same to them. if you are upset by this policy and you think it should change, the best things we can do are:

  1. leave negative reviews in the app store
  2. don’t play/publish episode stories until this is sorted out. i know, i know, BUT if there are less readers, there is less revenue, and they lose money.

once episode sees that this problem, which we have explained to them very clearly our reasons for wanting to revert the policy, can be solved by refilling our 4 timer passes, no matter how many reward passes we have, they will be more receptive to changing it.

even in the last week and a half since this change went into place, episode has dropped from #9 in the free games charts on the app store to as low as #29. this is the kind of loss that makes companies take notice and make changes!! if we all work together as a community and stop playing and giving money to episode until they fix this, they will have no choice but to take notice! it seems so drastic, but just these small things can make a huge difference, especially if we all do them!

i know these efforts seem like a pain in the neck and that they might be in vain, but i really think that all of us choosing to do these things will really make episode see us and listen to us instead of brushing us off!!


What’s ridiculous is that there’s a lot of community stories that people write FOR FREE.Noone pays them/us.If it weren’t for the community authors,they would have NOTHING in their shelves ,but their feature stories with their expensive gems.:unamused:
The fact they tried to sweep it under the rug to think that no-one would notice definitely expresses a lot to us readers &authors.
This is genuinely quite disappointing and it reveals episode in a different light.


submit a ticket on they might help you or head over to the instagram creation team on episodecreators


So Y’all saying that my passes won’t start loading until I’m back at an amount of four again, so I just have to waste every single one of those passes that I have with such carefulness saved for the last 3/4 year?


Yeah once you go below 4 they will reload. But above 4 they’re one time use. :confused: I’ve been saving them for the past years too. It sucks.


Man, I had 174 passes. And I’m no waster. This is an actual punch in the gut


It’s been almost a month now and nothing has changed. I have stories that aren’t published yet and I’m afraid I am already at a disadvantage from this issue and same for new and upcoming authors. :frowning: Because people are more likely to read stories from their shelves. Stop refilling passes until we waste them all is like basically asking us to stop reading other stories anymore.


I as well am having the same issue, used All passes and it won’t refill. Every time I open the app the timer starts over from 4:00:00 it’s driving me loco the only solution I found was to keep the app screen open and active for four hours:/ but then as soon as you leave the app it stops again . I’ve sent numerous complaints and episode responds by directing me here :confused:


Oh dang… Hearing that made me concern about using my passes now. I was about to review some people’s stories later on and I’m afraid of that happening to me :skull:


Has anyone started a petition in which we all argue and never us episode and give them bad reviews so that they can return the old policy.


I’m not reading anymore until they solve this issue. I’d 64 and I got confused when I hit 58 and nothing got resolved. I’m so pissed, my username is my mood rn :triumph:


Same here, can someone help me? I didn’t get my passes back


I think you can only get them if you’re four or under. Besides, having 98 passes and losing a few isn’t something to whine about imho but…


They have changed the policy, so if you have over four passes, which four is the pass limit, you won’t get any recharged until you have 3 or below. So, if you had 14 passes. And you used 2 the same day, but you want to keep the 14 passes, so you just wait until the 2 passes are recharged, it won’t happen. You’ll have 12. And until you lower your number of passes down to below 4, they won’t recharge.


It is not an issue. It’s a policy. If you have over the amount of the pass limit, you won’t receive any passes. Having 58 passes isn’t something to complain about. If you use them wisely, they can get you a long way. And when you get 3 or below passes, they will recharge. 4 is the pass limit.


Bringing bad reviews, start a petition, or not reading the app won’t solve anything. It actually might discourage them to stop giving updates. This is the new policy. And if you don’t want to comply, then simply don’t read the app. You can still buy passes, and 4 passes are quite a lot of passes. And for those of you saying that you had like… 64 passes, and it lowered to 58, you should still be grateful you have those passes. I have 2 passes right now, waiting for 2 more passes to arrive. 58, 91, 82, 64 passes are still a lot of passes. And if you don’t want them to go as fast, then just use them wisely. Bless! <3


Yea, this has been happening to me for the past three days. I had 60 passes and I used 5 or 6 of them each day and now I only have 37 passes because none of them ever recharged each day. I never got my 4 passes.


Yea I get that but I’m reading a story that has over 60 episodes and my passes just went down to 37 when I had 60 passes in just three days. I never got my passes recharged. Once the week is over I wont have my passes.