The Generation Gap

I found this on Google which explains the generations and puts them into context.

My family are like two gens after me (I’m in Gen Z) none of them can sympathize with me. I do my homework every day when I come back from school. Nearly ALWAYS I use my laptop, and my parents say to get off it and do my homework. Sometimes I feel like screaming but then the phrase respect your elders echoes in my mind.

My grandmother is 4 generations before me. She tells me to live my life and to not use my phone when two minutes later she goes down and goes and watches TV for at least 4 hours when I watch for 2 and get shouted at by my mum. This is the school holidays. I should be able to live my life and do what I want.

Some millennials are so rude. They are so entitled and think that they deserve all the respect in the world even though they insult and tease us. HOW is this fair? Our parents brush it off as the fact that they are our elders.

Feel free to comment on your thoughts!


There will always be a generation gap, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Some people from older generations try to adapt as best as they can, but we have to understand that it’s hard to watch the world you knew change and a new generation grow from it. We’ll probably be the same when new generations come around. We can ask them to understand why our historical context shaped us into the way we are, as long as we compromise to understand how their context shaped them to be the way they are.

In my personal experience, I’ve really only dealt with a heavy generational gap when it comes to politics (won’t get into why, I think it’s against forum rules). Let’s just say Colombian youth is way more outspoken than they were so many years ago, something older folks have had a hard time getting used to. Also the fact that my generation only got to experience the war for a few years (only around 15 for me) while people like my grandmother and mother have dealt with it since it’s very beginning. So our post-war approach to things is different from their post-war approach to things, and they’re not as ready to move on as we are (which is understandable).


all my grandparents are the silent generation. my parents are boomers. my bro and i are gen z. i dont really care for these things plus every chart is different so i dont know what to trust but i know for sure i am a gen z and my parents are boomers.

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I just like how I’m apparently in Gen Z, yet I’m halfway through my law degree at uni and others are in middle school :joy::joy: Even people within one generation can find it hard to sympathise with others.


you’re probably a millennial. this chart isnt that accurate (i think)


Nah, I was born in ‘98 which is the cusp of Gen Z. I may identify more with millennials, but I’m still Gen Z :joy:

Some readings say 97 is the start and some say 95z


it kinda hard to think my sister whom is in her 30’s are a millenial

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Im Genz

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