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Some of us will be re-reviewing it and seeing if you took the feedback into consideration. But in regards to whether that’ll be taken into consideration, hmm, well all group members do their reviews in their own ways so it will depend on them :thinking:

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Ok so you will be replaying the story again?
Ok well I will await the review nervously :grimacing:
Ty x

Yes we will all be replaying the story again to see the changes made and give u a full on honest review


Ok thank you x

No problemo

No need to wait, do other things in the meantime, have fun, watch TV, enjoy life ^^

Yes, this is it except not everyone will be reviewing, some group members may sit out this week due to being busy or for other reasons :blush:


Ok, I will do I didn’t mean that Literally LOL :slight_smile:
But I just hope that I have done a good enough Job with it from the last amount of feedback. There was about 60% changes I made but The other 40% I kept and I guess that people have different likes etc. and things But I will just wait and see.
Ok that’s understandable we all have life’s! I`m just glad you guys are able to provide me with some feedback :grimacing: if I need any and go over my story. Its very much appreciated

Hello! Can someone please review my story? If you have time of course💜 My story is called Lips Don’t Lie

Hello ofc, we’d love to :wave: And dw, no need to write “can someone please review my story?” Instead, can write “Hello, I’d love a review” :blob_hearts: :blob_sun: And ofc, we aim to review a story per week (there is a waiting list above in the very first post and more details there). Some members may not review due to being busy or for other reasons. In addition, we might take breaks and not review for some weeks.


OK, added you :+1: Looking forward to checking out your fab story :disco: :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much!:purple_heart:

No problem :blue_heart:

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