The Global Shelf

Soo… we need to have a chat sister.

The new global shelf…
What even?

When I saw it I thought “ooo nice, we get to read about different cultures and see diversity!”

Only two of the stories on the shelf take place in another country/culture (japan and Mexico) the rest are fantasy or they’re about white people traveling around.

It infuriated me!

As a writer who’s actually writing a story that takes places somewhere else (South Korea) I’m furious.

Episode needs to stop baseing their shelves off stories with tons of reads.

I’m tired of seeing white characters taking romantic trips to Paris or a white couple dilly dallying in fairy tale land.

How is a fantasy story global? It doesn’t exist; it’s fiction.


Sorry, I had to rant.



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I agree.
Although I’m stupid I don’t know how to find shelves. Where are they?
I know it’s a stupid question, sorry for making your eyes roll.

To be fair, Celtic mythology and culture is a bit less prevalent as opposed to say Roman or Greek. Ireland and its surrounding countries are just as much of the globe as Japan or Mexico. I however agree that having other genres depicted other than fantasy would help. It would be a bit more interesting to see more non-European-set stories too.

There is on about a philippine MC and her husband or something. I don’t remember. I only read the first Episode.