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Hey, can you make aesthetic themed characters cards?

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Heyyy, these look awesome! :blob_hearts: :star_struck: I’d love to request one if you’re still taking them…? :yum:

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Hi! I can make literally any theme, fill out the form and I’ll get started :heart:

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Hi! As long as the title says “OPEN” then it is! :sparkles: Please fill out the form whenever your ready :ok_hand:t4:

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Thanks a lot! :blush: I’ll just fill it out…

1 Character Per Card Form

❀ Within 1 character per card, how many cards are you requesting? ❀ 2, I really like your examples, so if this turns out to be good, I might even request another one again, who knows? :wink:
❀ Provide your character appearance ❀
Body: Female Athletic Body (Neutral 02)
Brow: Arched Natural (Warm White)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Blunt Solid (Ash Blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Almond (Ice Blue)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Pointed Downturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty (Pink Beige Gloss)

❀ Provide your character outfit ❀
Turtleneck Heart Zipper Sleeves Mesh Cotton…
Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black

❀ Provide their pose (animation) ❀ idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop
❀ Provide their name ❀ Alvara
❀ Provide a background (required)

❀ Do you want the character’s outfit, appearance, both, or personality details within the card? ❀
I want her outfit, appearance, and the other one with her personality :pleading_face:
❀ Anything else? (Font specifics, character centering, color scheme, etc.) ❀ The first card is with her outfit and her appearance, but can you make her outfit like this…

The theme is badass, and the color scheme is purple and black, I don’t have any specific fonts, about her personality card:
She’s a Scorpio, sassy, narcissistic, honest, and a genius, she’s 20, and a half-Greek and half-American.

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Hi! Thank you for requesting! :heart: But for the card that has Katherine on it, can you provide me what pose you want her doing for the personality card, or would you like the same one like the first card?

-Lastly, can you enlighten me a little more on her personality: Her likes and dislikes etc?

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I want her doing yawn_bored, and here’s more on her personality:
She’s a really reserved person, meaning what she shows on the outside is not necessarily the same on the inside, and being a genius she’s different than others. Hence she likes coding and hacking, and she dislikes dishonestly, people who talk too much, and people who are arrogant (though, she’s very arrogant herself :laughing:) Oh, and I’ll blur the bg, less trouble for you :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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This is very helpful! Also you didn’t have to do that :pleading_face: but thank you, I’ll start right away :heart:

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No problem! :blob_hearts:

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Hi @blanche_writes ! I have completed your character card and personality card just now, just know I changed a few things in order to fit the theme you were going for! :blob_sun:
Character card.

Personality card.

Both cards have been watermarked, please don’t remove, erase, or crop them off! But they have been tagged with your forums username on the left side, before you click “download” so it’s harder for others to steal! Please, let me know if you would like any modifications :blob_sun:!

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Ummm… I’m so sorry! But I think there has been a misunderstanding :grimacing: For the second card, as much as I love both of them, the character is the same person on the first card, I just wished for you to add her outfit like the way it was in the other card of Katherine made by Katherine :sweat_smile: But now seeing the way you made the first one, I love it! :heart_eyes: do you mind changing the person and her name on the second card to the one on the first card, or…? Because I don’t want you to do more work or trouble, again, I’m so sorry!

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Okay if I’m understanding you correctly, you just want me to change the name and person in the second card? (With the outfit that Katherine has on)


This doesn’t take much time, and I enjoy doing it. So I don’t mind redoing it all over again if you don’t like it! That’s why I ask at the end of you’d want any modifications’ :sparkles:

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I edited the previous post for more understanding, so sorry if I wasn’t able to explain clearly :sweat:

That’s great, thank you so much! :blob_hearts:

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Alright I’ll change it, give me 10 minutes! :sparkles:

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No worries, please take your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your art is awesome, so I don’t mind waiting, and that’s coming from a character card creator herself :laughing:

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It has been replaced :relaxed:

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❀ Within 2 characters per card, how many cards are you requesting? ❀
One please :purple_heart:

❀ Provide both of your characters appearances ❀
Female Athletic Body - Neutral 3 Skin Tone
Arched Natural Dark Brown Eyebrows
Down Wavy Princess Braid Brunette Brown Hair
Female Generic Pale Brown Eyes
Defined Diamond Contour Face
Round Button Upturned Nose
Full Round Pouty Pink Peach Matte Lips

❀ Provide both your characters outfits ❀
Off the Shoulder Tank Cotton Tan Top
Ripped Leggings Black
House Party Leather Tan Heels
If wearing shorts/skirts add Rose Leg Tattoo

❀ Provide Character 1’s pose (animation) ❀
Flirt - Wink At Camera

❀ Provide Character 1’s Name ❀

❀ Provide a background (required)
Please see rose gold theme pic at the bottom!

❀ Do you want the characters outfit, appearance, both, or personality details within the card ❀
Yes Please - Appearance and Outfit
Personality - Doesn’t take things too seriously / Loves a laugh

❀ Anything else? (Font specifics, character centering, color scheme etc.) ❀
Colour Scheme - Love the Rose Gold theme - splashes of baby pink with gold edges (please see pic)
Rose Gold

Thank you so much for this :kiss:


On it :heart:!

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❀ Provide your story’s title ❀
Behind Silver Eyes / Bad Best Man

❀ Provide your Episode username ❀
DanniD (If you are able to can you please provide my insta @Danni_episode)

❀ Provide your story description ❀
:blue_heart: Behind Silver Eyes: A father believed to be dead… A mother on the run… Sophia thought she led a ‘normal’ life, until all the secrets began to unfold… What lies behind the silver eyes!!!
:purple_heart:Bad Best Man: Jenna has been alone her whole life until she meets Will… She thinks he is the perfect man… Until his best man comes on the scene and turns their world upside down!

❀ Provide what your story offers (E.g: Advanced directing, mini-games etc.) ❀
Fantasy / Romance / Choices

❀ Provide a background, or describe your desired one ❀
❀ Provide your preferred cover for your card ❀
❀ Provide your color scheme ❀
Rose Gold

To stick with the rose gold theme I didn’t know if you could possibly put two of these hexagons on the card and put one story description in each for me?

I don’t know if you would be able to pop this beauty on there… someone made it for me as a character in behind silver eyes… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: if not no worries!

Thank you xx