The Golden Gameshow ~ SG/RP~ Sign-ups


The Golden Gameshow has been around for years. Collecting desperate celebrity-wannabes and making them famous. I am the host, London Myers. Hello there! And welcome, contestant, to the Golden Gameshow! Do you want to be rich and famous but just can’t seem to get there? Here is the place to be! Every day, a new challenge. If you succeed, you win recognition. If you lose, you get sent home. But not to fear, the challenges will be easy or hard depending on your skills. No tricks, no traps!

Welcome to The Golden Gameshow sign-up thread!
This is an SG (Story Game).

Since there are only 12 contestants, you may reserve and maximum is 2 characters. SIGN-UPS CLOSED FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVENT RESERVED, if you have reserved you may still sign up

Sign ups: Click here!
Faceclaims: Coming soon!

Thank you!

@Episode.BriarRose 1 Character
@Littlefeets 1 Character
@Kate_Potter 1 Character
@SilverStar 2 Characters
@Secretz_lol 1 Character

Already signed up:
@HermanEpisode 1 Character
@Episode.BriarRose 1 Character
@epi.alyssaa 1 Character
@Mimi0829 1 Character
@ShortSpaces 1 Character
@hey.twilla 1 Character

New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]

I have a question-- What age group are the contestants? (I submitted a character)


I reserve one character, please.


The age group, i forgot to put that. It is around 17-23…


Okay, thanks!


Thanks for signing up!


I will reserve for a character.


Awsome, thanks!




For how many characters?






Signed up a character. Probably would make a male character too, so reserve for one character.


Gotcha, thanks! And thx for making a male character…


Hey everyone…don’t attack me for tagging you…just I need more people to join this…

@Mashia @SilverStar @CrazyCaliope @hey.twilla @Secretz_lol
Tag others who would want to join this…


Reserve for two characters! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Did I sign up yet?


reserve for one