The Happiness Thread 😁


Hi everyone! :blush:
Ok, so… I think everyone’s had bad days before, right? Everyone needs a pick-me-up once in a while, right? Aaaand everyone likes wholesome and cute things… right? This thread is to share anything that makes you feel happy and all warm inside. I hope that someone out there can come to this thread to feel better after a bad day or to simply get a happiness boost.

Any cute videos or pictures you’ve seen lately?
Any memories you have that make you happy every time you think about them?
Anything that restores your faith in humanity?
Please share! (Seriously, please, I think everybody needs this at some point in their life…)

I’ll start. Here’s a parrot playing “Peekaboo” with his owner:


OMG YES!! I think this is the first time I’ve ever used OMG but who cares?
I was about to go to bed and I can’t think of any cute videos or pictures at the moment, but I wanted to share how HAPPY I am about this thread.
I will be back! :smiley:



@Annieways I actually thought of you while making this thread, haha :smile: I remember seeing some of your posts on the forum asking for more positivity and bumping my “What do you like about Episode?” thread because if it closed you’d “die a little inside”. Sadly, it closed now, but I still wanted to bring some positivity in the community. We all need this.

@Mary-P Aww! That’s so sweet :grin: I love it~


Aww, how can a cat be so nice to a dog? :smiley: I will have to check out some cat videos now, but until then here is why I love penguins:


Oh my God, penguins are my favorite! :smile: That reminds me of Pingu, my favorite cartoon as a little kid. I had all the VHS tapes:


Jeez, how could I forget about this??
I loved this so much too :grin:


The Holy Grail




Awww~ That made me so happy! :joy: Best owner ever ~

Another thing that makes me super happy is kids being their adorable-selves: