The hidden sexism in stories

I mostly agree with you. A lot of people on episode are young impressionable girls who might be taught these misogynistic ideas through these stories.

Here are the things you said I disagree with:

  1. This sexism is not hidden. It is right there in your face. Many people just find this writing socially acceptable, so it goes unnoticed.
  2. There could be other reasons story wise for having characters that don’t have casual sex. (Don’t get me wrong, sexism is definitely part of it, and it’s likely the main reason.)
  3. There are probably more reasons why there aren’t more guys on Episode.

Anyway, authors should ask themselves if they’re sending any toxic messages in their writing. It’s important that the more impressionable readers learn that men and women having casual sex is okay (as long as it’s done so safely) and choosing to not have casual sex is also okay.

I haven’t read enough Episode stories to realize this is a problem on this platform, but I’ll try to include more female characters that have casual sex into my stories.


That’s super smart! I’m totally going to try to fit that into my story.


Yes! I love this post, it really puts to words a lot of the toxicity in the community.

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I agree with this SOOOO much I am a male. I hate those stories which is why I only read fantasy,horror, & thriller the other sh*t upsets me. Also in the stories I make I tend to push away from that type of writing. Also I feel like most authors use those stereotypes because that’s the most popular stereotype in society the sense of “toxic masculinity” (Which I believe exists) but you don’t have to import toxic masculinity in EVERY SINGLE LOVE STORY that is un called for & totally not true for some guys. Like myself I respect women, I am Loyal to my girlfriend. It’s really sad that some authors thinks like this.


Or at least not make every single male character like that. Toxic masculinity is a pretty big issue and I think it should be addressed but not in the way it’s portrayed in most stories. love interests should not act like that. Toxic masculinity should be depicted in a negative light not “just how guys are.”

Agreed. It normalizes this behavior which is extremely hurtful to both men and women. It excuses the behavior enabling people who are actually like this to keep doing the behavior And hurting women, and it hurts men who are actually decent but looked down on because they don’t act in that way


I couldn’t have said it better!!!

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