The Hidden Wolf Art Contest!

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Hey all so I’m currently writing a new story called The Hidden Wolf (the first 3 chapters of which are released on the app!!) And I was looking for some art to use at the end of each of the chapters (like splashes but with the characters on them and no words)!

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You can change the MC’s hair as long as it isn’t super curly and it isn’t short.
You can also change their outfits as long as the MC looks cute and the LI looks bad*ss.
Both of them are werewolves as well.


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  1. Don’t copy anyone’s work
  2. Don’t be rude to others/criticize their work
  3. Be sure to leave the username you would like to be credited with
  4. Artwork can be drawn or edited.
  5. Create a background (640 x 1136 pixels) with the art and then submit!
  6. Follow me on instagram! @epipaige (this ain’t required, but if you want to i’m not stopping you)


1st Place:

  • A big part in my story
  • An edit or a drawing
  • A shout out on my instagram @epipaige

2nd Place:

  • A reoccurring character in my story
  • An edit
  • A shoutout on my insta

3rd Place:

  • An Edit
  • A shoutout on my insta


Abandoned by her parents and left with a witch who cast a spell on her, Aradia begins to get visions of wolves. What will happen when she finds out that she is one?

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged lol
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I’ll be joining! Also, these are what you’re looking for right: “Q&A” “Thanks for reading” “To be continued” and those kinds of splashes right?
Is there a specific theme? Like the genre usually does it.
I’m sorry for asking so may questions I just want to make sure :sweat_smile:

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Yeah thats what im looking for. The genre is romance/fantasy (they are wolves). And ask as many questions you want!

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If I’m going to do this I’m going to need a little bit more to work with. :thinking:
Firstly, what type of wolf are we talking about; ‘wolfblood’, werewolf or ‘bitten’ style?
Secondly, what type of art do you need? Is it just a background or do you want overlays and stuff?

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They are werewolves, and just a background!

Can you tell me a bit more about their wolf forms?
Any special colors on furs or eyes?

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His wolf - pv1_back_WOLF_LAYING_6573024901005312_63e817323b9ea8de7351e686c7c1a1d0 (dark brown eyes)

Her wolf -

(hazel eyes)

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Hey! @paigebarr

I’m really sad to inform you I can no longer join because a few things popped up and I need to focus on that and I can no longer do the contest because I’ll be busy! I’m sorry again! Please remove me from the tags.
Thank you!

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Hey! Can you kindly pm me the character details. I don’t know why but I can’t see the pictures. I shows me broken.

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Hey. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I won’t be able to be a part of this after all. :frowning_face:
With only a few days left until squad contest ends, I need to put all my available time and concentration on my entry for it. There’s just not enough time to do this right now.


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