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The Hideaway
It’s 2033. Government has fallen. Dictatorship remains. Robert Slutz, the current dictator, has ruled that anyone deemed ‘imperfect’ will be executed.

Only 24 imperfects have managed to escape. They now reside in The Hideaway, an underground collection of tunnels and caves. Will you remain hidden, or will The Hideaway be discovered?

Olivia Woodell - @Ella
Alex Martin - @Caticorn
Macy Rivers - @Caticorn
Roxy - @bossyroxy411
Layla Perkins - @Chay
Billy McClain - @Chay
Gray Willow - @phantrash
Amber Black - @phantrash
Ryan Hunter - @Stxphanix
Lee White - @Stxphanix
Danaia Lee - @Leea
Nova Walker - @Cameronei
Kaley Allen - @Kale
Jayvyn Lovell - @Surface_Hyena57
Wayland Redd - @Surface_Hyena57

You can have more than 1 character, just make sure one is a different gender.

Characters left: 9/24

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. If you’re unsure about the faceclaims, check out the faceclaims for my characters

The Hideaway - Sign Ups

The Hideaway - Faceclaims

The Hideaway - Official Thread

Tagging interested people: @Ella @SilverStar @Mashia @Surface_Hyena57 @Chocolate_Mama @Tellyg47 @Secretz_lol @Etherwalker @Rose.M @Stxphanix


reserve male and female character!


reserve a female


Reserve for a female!


Reserve male.


reserve female.


reserve female


Reserve both male and female please


Reserve male please :3


Are there anymore spaces, seems like they’re all taken :slightly_frowning_face:


There are spaces, if you look there’s still 14 spaces left


Sorry I just looked I’ll make a girl and a boy character




Ive finished signing up




i’m excited for this :heart:


thats my face claim just make it bigger!


So, I’m thinking I’ll start the RP when I have 12 characters


When reserves due?


Whenever is fine. I don’t really mind