The High School Of Powers (Ll roles going)

I do a lot…

Other things about their body e.g. mouth shape lip colour
Username so I can credit you:
what role you want them to be:
gender (THIS IS NOT A RP):
An idea of your outfit (Its not going to be exact):

personality so I can also get a outfit idea


TEACHER MALE (Going out with a student)
STUDENT (going out with the teacher)
Dragon Keeper (love interest)
Female dragon keeper @lanafrazer_episode
Badboy @Ayu
Bully 1, 2, 3
The Girl/Boy Who Can See The Future @Raveness
The Male Gangster 2 3
The Male gangsters leader ( Can be one of the other male characters E.g. The Dragon Keeper)
The Popular Mean Girl @Mrs.Black_Cat_Write
*The girl/boy who can charm others with a single glance

Role: Female dragon keeper

Outfit: Any outfit is fine, but I’ll say maybe like a monk outfit that looks like someone is a keeper.

Power?: I guess…fire.

Username so I can credit you: @lanafrazer.episode


Skintone: Copper 06
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Arch Thin
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Eyes: Round Medium
Username: Raveness
Roles: See the future
Power: Air
Outfit: Anything geeky like with glasses.

Name: Ayame
Hair: Medium Curly Solid (Blue black)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Round Thin High
Eyes: Female Generic (Grey Cool)
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Plum Gloss)
Body: Neutral 01

Role: Best friend

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, smart, fun, sometimes short temper and gets nervous around guys

Power: Ice

Top: Racer Back Workout Top Ice Camo
Short: Studded Cuttoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black
Shoes: Calf Length Rolled Patterned Socks Short Heel Boots Suede Red Rosewood
Accessories: Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Leather Grey Black, Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver, Thick Framed Colored Accents Blue Turquoise

Name: Kai
Hair: Wavy Messy (Copper Red)
Face: Diamond Soft
Eyebrows: Soft Round (Copper Red)
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid (Grey cool)
Nose: Straight Narrow
Mouth: Medium Straight Natural (Beige Rose)
Body: Rose 03

Role: Bad boy

Personality: Unfriendly, loner, gets into fight, likes to take a nap, and likes to listen music

Power: Dark

Top: Duffle Jacket Cable Knitted Sweater Cotton Red Candy
Pant: Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Light Cool
Shoes: High Top Classic Leather Black

PS- You can change their outfit. Make sure she wears glasses (Thick Framed Colored Accents Blue Turquoise)

Credit me by Ayu-chan

Role: The Popular Mean Girl
Power: Shapeshifter
Name: Natali
Personality: mean, unfriendly, charming, bully.

Outfit: Wich you want but I would prefer the outfit that I posted here.

Skin tone: Neutral 02
Brow: Arched Thin
Brow color: Deep Brown
Hair: Over Shoulder Braid
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Nose: Defined Neutral
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Female Generic
Eyes color: Deep Blue
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lips color: Violet Matte

credit me by Mrs. Black Cat Writer

Skin: Copper 01
Brows: round medium
Hair: beach wave, chestnut brown
Eyes: Female generic, brown pale
Face: Heart soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full heart pouty, red gloss
Name: Emmily
Username so I can credit you: Credit my Instagram as @emmily.epy
what role you want them to be: Student that’s going out with the teacher? Since it’s the only girl role left…
gender (THIS IS NOT A RP): Female
Power?: Is music a power? Or water? Well, if not music then anything blue. or nature is fine as well.
An idea of your outfit (Its not going to be exact): U can choose. but make her wear the chain pendant purple pls(i think thats what its called…)
personality so I can also get a outfit idea: uh…kind, chic, innocent? (you get it…kinda)

Skintone: Rose 03
Hair: Wavy long
Hair and eyebrow colour: Chestnut brown
Face: Heart Soft
Eyebrows: Round Medium
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Small heart
lip colour: red gloss
Eyes: Round Medium
Eye colour: green emerald
Name: Lucy
Username: Cartoon_Lover1
Roles: The girl/boy who can charm others with a single glance
Outfit: Anything that looks outgoing

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, smart, fun.

Power: Compulsion

Skin: Neutral 3
Brows: Natural Arched (Black Dark)
Hair: Hair Flip (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Matte)

Role: Can charm anyone at a glance
Powers: Telekinesis, Mind Reading, and Fire
Personality: Sweet and kind but has anger issues.
Outfit:Something Red or Lacy.
Username: PropertyofNae