The Hole is published!

Check out my new story, The Hole!


I would LOVE feedback!

First FOUR chapters out, more to come!

Jenna’s whole world changes when her boyfriend abuses her and then disappears. In her search for answers, she finds herself in more trouble than she ever imagined possible…


I will read it

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The would literally mean the world to me :heart_eyes: xx

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How do I share a story

like give them the link

Do you mean for my story?

here is my episode link, I am not sure how to do it beyond just copying and pasting that, but I also have a linktree, which has my story link.


BUT if you mean a story of yours, it will be underneath your chapters in the creation page!

I’ll give it a read :eyes:

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That would be so amazing!:two_hearts:

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