📚 ~ The Homework Helperer Thread

Inspired by a poll I posted some time ago…

As the title suggests – This thread is for helping with homework! Yay! :blob_sun:

So basically, its for school purpose, as majority of people around here are teenagers like me who somehow (after repeated revision of notes and careful reading of text) still get stuck on a certain homework question and have no damn clue on how to get past that problem :sweat_smile:

But, hey! Fear not – this thread will help you with your homework and also clear your doubts (as much as possible)! :blob_hearts:

Just post the question or your query down below in text or screenshot or link (which ever you prefer) and I or someone else wil be happy to help you with that!

However, there are some rules/protocol here too which NEED to be followed –

  • NO DRAMA in here, okay? Please, please, no drama! If you want drama, I can suggest you like a million TV shows and movies where there’s exceptional and more interesting drama than here! Please be cordial and civil with each other! Or else, take it to the PMs.
  • DON’T BE OFF TOPIC. Make sure that your post is related to this thread. Avoid spamming and spreading unnecessary posts.
  • Don’t just post the homework queries for the heck of doing them. First, make multiple attempts to solve them yourself. If they couldn’t be solved by you, then only approach this thread. Do full justice to the homework questions given to you as they are for your own practice and improvement!
  • Solve the questions again after viewing the solutions (without peeking in!). This will help in more understanding of the question and will make you more confident.
  • Include your own twists and turns in the questions. This will make you feel ready for whatever the endgame i.e. the exam could throw at you.

So yeah, that’s it I guess. Happy Homework-ing! :yellow_heart:


I will need this thread so much when school starts…


Will be usefull since im starting school again tomorrow


im still on summer break but if you have any math (or anything really) related hw questions i can help preferably geometry since thats what im taking this year :grimacing:

also im pretty good at algebra, i know there are some people that are like 13.


Hello, I’m pretty good at math. (The subjects I know at least.)


Thanks! (I’ll need your help desperately then :sweat_smile:)

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I’ll try my best. :slight_smile:

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Could someone help me with this algebraic expression, I am so confused in how to factorise it: a(x+3) + 5(x+3) @Summersprit @LI05

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is it (x+3)+ 5 (x+3) ??

no its: a(x+3) + 5(x+3)

oh ok

ax + 3 + 5x + 15

Is that how you factorise?

yes basically you’re just multiplying.

a(x+3) = ax + 3
5(x+3) = 5x + 15
add them together
ax + 3 + 5x +15

The answer is meant to be in two brackets…

It says to factorise using a HCF which is a binomial factor

umm maybe (ax+3) + (5x+15) then…?

What do you mean two brackets? Do you mean something like this?:

(a x b) + (c x d)

Or do you mean a FACTOR of a binomial (one term multiplied by another, like a x b)?

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I believe your answer is: (x + 3) (a + 5)

Can check out:

My math is so rusty atm lmao :joy:

P.S if you were to expand it would be ax+3a+5x+15


THANKYOU! That is the correct answer :slight_smile: