The Hunger Game Official SG!


How many people are left?? I tried to count but I am dyslexic and I lost count





I will continue but I’m sooo tired!


7 people are dead.


OK so @MysteriousAcro asked me to take this SG over but I would like some help so please let me know if you would be willing to help and then this SG will continue.


I think I taged all involved but if I did not let me know


I might be of some use.


ok I have never been completely in charge of something like this before have you?


I write stories but I do a lot of role plays and D&D, I can give you ideas possibly


i have done a few I mainly just need help with like set up and that kind of stuff I dont know if there is a specific way to run an SG or exactly how character to character interactions work


Oh that kind of things? Haha I’ve never done that stuff haha. Sorry :sweat:


thank for the offer though and if you know anybody that you think may be able to help let me know