The Hunger Games SG Sign-Up 😈 (Surprise inside!)


The Hunger Games SG
Will you survive the brutal arena?

24 contestants, 23 will die, 1 will be the winner. 12 districts, each with an ability. Will you be the winner? You will face many difficult situations, dangers and choices. How can you, push in front of others, to become the winner?—WAIT! I just heard, 2 people are coming from DISTRICT 4 that are GIRLS! Then let’s change it! 24 contestants. 23 will die, will you survive? And 13 girls and 11 boys!
-Names (obviously)

The Hunger Games District Seals
The Capitol Seal. The country of Panem is broken up into 12 Districts and the Capitol.
District 1: Luxury.
District 2: Masonry.
District 3: Technology.
District 4: Fishing.
District 5: Power.
District 6: Transportation.
District 7: Lumber
District 8:Textlies
District 9: Grain
District 10: Livestock
District 11:Argiculture
District 12: Coal/Minning

Sign Up-

21/24 spots taken


I’m excited! Reserve for District 3 Female and District 7 Male


Reserve for district 5 female pls.


Wait, I’m a bit confused, does reserve mean save a spot until u fill out a form or something? Just double checking.


Yeah. Something like that.


Okay thanks, will reserve.


Reserve for District 3


Male or Female?




Female. And I was planning on making a male from another district. Is that okay?


ohhh sorry
female is already taken


I’m excited! Reserve for District 3 Female and District 7 Male


And what district for the other?


How about District 3 male and District 1 female? Would that work though?


Yep sure. You don’t have time to sign up?


I need to gather my thoughts first. :slight_smile:


Ooookay sure! No problem. Will reserve.:grin:


I reserve district one male and a district eleven female. :slight_smile:




Submitted :star_struck: