The Hunger Games SG Sign-Up 😈 (Surprise inside!)


Yeah, 4 people haven’t replied so we are going to start on the train about to go to the arena.






school…as soon as i finish school


Not trying to be pushy or any thing but when is that?


Um…sorry, I’m so busy at the moment, but I know ur all impatient but I’m doing it today, I swear I am. Really sorry guys. As soon as I get home, I’m making it,


its ok it is really no big deal i was just wondering. Mostly because I am leaving soon for a Volleyball game and won’t be back on till its over.


Oh oaky. :slight_smile:


Is it done?




No but all spots are filled to my knowledge


No pressure but when will you start this and do you need help with anny of it??


Yes please, ur in charge now, PM me for more details




OK so @MysteriousAcro asked me to take this SG over but I would like some help so please let me know if you would be willing to help and then this SG will continue.


I think I tagged all involved but if I did not let me know


Has anyone run an SG before because if you have I have some questions


I haven’t but I may drop out I’m in a lot right now, and still trying to binge Netflix.


Well i am not starting it again untill I figure out what exactly I am doing so it may be a while


Okie I wish y’all luck and enough chocolate.


Thanks I am going to need it