The Hunted Small Cover Contest


bumping it!!

Is the deadline still Jan 20th?

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i would love to join it Grace

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can you send me the details of the 4 main character please of nava human and hell
dahlia heaven and hell
eli heaven and hell
koa heaven and hell
if you can this will be very helpfully so i can start on the cover

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no ma’am! sorry i forgot post about it. i’ve decided to push until March 2nd!

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yes of course i’ll send them later!

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thanks so much

lol okay, thank you!

bump bump bump

hey guys majority of ya’ll said you might join and this is just a message to let you know ive pushed the deadline to April 20th!


@KylieJay @melaniesmall @Your_girl.kay @teekay @Randomwriter07 @ChrissyG @LR_epsd @Frey @Lady_Cannella @episodeclown @Apart_12345

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I’m sorry, I don’t think I can enter anymore :pensive: I’m struggling to get through all my requests/prizes with everything going on in my personal life on top of wedding planning…it’s just a lot right now, sorry! :pleading_face:

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thank you so much… It totally slipped my mind :sweat_smile:

I’ll have it to u before April 20th then!

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@kylee.3012 I can’t get in the writers portal so I was wondering if you could send me a picture of each of the characters?

If not I understand :heart:

Here’s my entry :sparkles::heart:


i am so so so sorry i didn’t see this till now but you entry looks awesome!!

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aww no ur good!

thank you