The hunters 10: Sink or Swim (SIGN UPS) {OPEN}


Yeah can I please drop out


alright I’ll remove your characters for you


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Is it too late to sign up??

Just in case it isn’t here’s my signup form:

Name: Amora Scarlette Kingston
Forum Username: @valeria.episode
Character’s Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Amora is very spirited, opinionated, and sarcastic. She’s really nice and kind, unless you get on her bad side (which is something you DO NOT want to be on). She never really takes anything seriously and is very energetic. Very rarely will Amora ever really open up to you about anything, even if you’re considered her best friend.
BIO: Amora was born 6 weeks earlier than she was due. This caused her to have several heart complications throughout her childhood. Not until she was 16 was Amora finally perfectly healthy. And though her parents liked Amora, they never really loved her. She always got into big fights with her parents, until one day she finally ran away to go live on her own. Soon after her ‘escape’, Amora encountered a vampire, leading her to be bitten. For the past year, Amora has lived in Pleasant Springs as a vampire.

Extra: Amora has a tattoo on her neck of a an ace of spades (the card).


Can I RP?:smile::sweat_smile:


Oh, yeah. Sorry!


Lol it’s ok :joy:


I’m making another character :blush:

Name: Cassidy
Forum username: @Forever1201
Characters age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Lovable and friendly and nice
Face claim:


Do you have a backstory for her? And what she is (eg. Human, werewolf, hybrid)


Backstory: She once witnessed a long time ago a vampire killing a person so she told her parents and decided to move her to a new city where they would never find her and she is starting a new life.

She is a human


I’ll add her soon. Also I added you to the new group chat where we sign up from now on so @/ and I can better know when someone signs up




Hey, a lot have you have joined the rp; but have never replied/aren’t active.

Please let me know if you’d like to drop out. <3

@Thequeen1000 @Penny2 @lanasgalasoul @LostEsq @Blonde_Glasses_Girl @kerubiel


@CoraTheDevil is still a part of it… SHe is just busy, ive been talking to her


Oh, cool beans then.


hey, I’m sorry I had finals :grin:


In or out? (that’s fine)


Lol I’m definitely in