The hunters 10: Sink or Swim (SIGN UPS) {OPEN}


Okay… A lot of things have changed.

I’ll tag you in the new rp.


Hey boo ya I don’t really have time for this rp because I don’t have the time anymore sorry! Maybe I can come back some other time


That’s fine.






Don’t get your hopes up




really? Almost every new person isn’t active



I think I might be one of the only people who joined in the second thread that’s still active…


Lol. Yeah, idk why I try.


well the only people that have joined and aren’t an og

(As in @/Skyzor @/ @/livvy613 @/Forever1201 @/C_ssie @/K_mren and I guess myself)

are @/Owertym though he’s close to an og
and @/UltimaW


@/Forever1201’s an OG?


She was on before I was

The Hunters 9: The Key To Hell



Yeah. There were others but I dont think they come on anymore


Name: Yassine Cooliano
Forum username: YassineCool
Character’s age: 21, infinite
Sexuality: Homosexual
Personality: Yassine has a strong disgust for any living creature. He will often times be seen beating up many creatures out of pure boringness. Yassine has transformed from a nice and pure man, into a malice filled beast.
BIO: Yassine used to live in a village, his village. He was born on 1 B.C. and had stayed so. Once a normal human, then a vampire. But oh when he thought everything was going fine, he was dead wrong. Soon, god himself banished him into the deep depths of hell to live in. Living in the crypts made him develop Psychopathy.
When he finally made it out of hell, he had changed. He was now more than an average creature, he felt godlike. He was a glitch in the universe.
Anything else: Possible new race???


Added! You can start whenever.


Ayyyyyyy. A new victim—I mean person!!! Wassup?


Not much of a victim, psychopaths don’t tend to be those, lol.