The Hunters 15: Never Look Back {SIGN UPS} [OPEN]

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In the small town of Pleasant Springs, a secret society comes together as the sun sets; To find the monsters that lurk at night. Maybe ‘Pleasant’ wasn’t the best idea for a town name. You never know if your best friend is a werewolf, or if your own sibling is a vampire. Secrets lie deep in the town’s center. Will you be the hunter, or the hunted?

If you need anything – @BrookieK is the new owner of the roleplay.

(You guys can be humans, hunters, or monsters. It’s your choice.)

  1. Cursing is allowed, but please, please put a little * over one of the letters.
  2. Romance is encouraged, but do not include inappropriate scenes.
  3. No real drama on the roleplay.
  4. Please do not make drastic changes without consulting me first.
  6. No homophobic, or racist characters. I really don’t care if it’s a roleplay, that cannot be in theroleplay.
  7. Add as many characters as you please. The more the better.

Monster rules for this roleplay

  1. Werewolves can turn without a full moon, but not very often.
  2. Vampires can drink from humans, or blood bags. They can’t survive off animal blood.
  3. If werewolves bite anyone THEY WILL TURN INTO A WEREWOLF.
  4. For vampires to turn humans they must feed them their blood.
  5. Witches can use dark, light, and nature magic
  6. Hunters are not supernatural, but must have extreme training.
  7. Monsters cannot become hunters.
  8. Demons cannot enter churches.
  9. Angels can posses people, but only with their permission. Angels do not have human bodies, they can only posses others.
  10. Angels do not need to eat, sleep, or drink; But they can if they want to.
  11. If mermaids touch water, they shift.


  1. Vampires have: Super speed, super hearing, and super strength. They can also smell blood from a mile away, and can heal quickly. They also have compulsion (the ability to make people forget things) Their weakness is the sun, they need to wear a spelled piece of jewelry to survive in thesun. They can only die by a steak in the heart.
  2. Werewolves have: Super smell, hearing, quick healing, and strength. They can also tell if someone’s a vampire or a werewolf. They feel a natural bond towards one of their kind. Their weakness is silver.
  3. Witches have: Different umbalites depending on their powers. Witches usually come in convents. Weaknesses may vary.
  4. Hybrids have: A mix of vampire and Werewolf except they are RARE and have to be born that way. Or be bitten by a hybrid on a full moon. They are also very powerful. Weakness a silver steak.
  5. Ghost have: The ability to go through walls, posses people, and objects. Ghost can be invisible if they want. Weaknesses: Salt, and iron.
  6. Demons have: They ability to posses people, make deals, and can turn invisible. Weaknesses are salt, holy water, churches, and flitch under the word of God. They can’t touch bibles, or enter churches. They can’t be killed, only exercised.
  7. Angels can fly, have magic ability’s, kill demons, go into heaven, and heal others. They’re wings are invisible to the human eye, and can only be seen by other angels, and demons. Weaknesses: They can be killed with an angel blade, which only other angels have. They can only be killed by demons or other angels.
  8. Mermaids can control water and the sea. They also have beautiful voices.

A few tidbits

  1. Werewolves feel the natural need to move, especially if they haven’t turned that day.
  2. Hybrids don’t need to feed as much as vampires, or turn as much as wolves.
  3. Angels struggle with human emotions, and don’t understand most human needs.
  4. Not all demons are heartless, though most are.
  5. Ghosts usually keep themselves hidden, it’s difficult for them to talk to the living.
  6. Witches feel a natural bond towards other witches.
  7. Hybrids don’t burn in the sun like vampires, but it does hurt them if they don’t wear a spelled necklace like the vampires.
  8. Mermaids feel the natural need to swim, much like werewolves feel the natural need to run.

Thanks so much guys!

Sign ups
Forum username:
Character’s age:
What kind of supernatural creature (or human):
Anything else:




Name: Luna Celeste
Forum username: Addivi101
Character’s age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
What kind of supernatural creature (or human): Angel/Wolve Hybrid
Personality: Really nice, Outgoing, Positive
BIO: She was born on 7/11. Her mom, an angel, died after birth, due to loss of too much blood. Her dad died before her birth fighting. She was taken in by a rude vampire, who used her. At age 10 she killed the vampire, and ran away. She is very sweet, and doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else, her misson is to save people/things, always.


alright. I’ll add her to fcs. Have you roleplayed before? Like do you need to be taught how?

I think I have a good understanding of it, from what I have seen.

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I am going to make a few more characters for me to use to rp if that’s fine with you.

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alright then. If you ever need any help, feel free to ask.
You may start rolelaying now.
Most people are on from around 2-10pm EST. There are no rules on how often you need to be on

that’s fine. most of us have my characters

Name: Adam
Forum username: Addivi101
Character’s age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
What kind of supernatural creature (or human): Werewolf
Personality: Shy, Scared, And very closed off, but sweet, and nice
BIO: Adam was abused until the age of 13 when his parents abandoned him. At the age of 15 he killed his parents when they tracked him and threatened to kill his now, Ex-Girlfriend, Grace. At the age of 16 he caught Grace cheating on him. Ever since all of this happened, he is now very closed off.

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How should I start the rp?

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Since I am kinda joining in the middle of something.

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well. In this roleplay. we only have a setting and no plot. So we all create our own plots and storylines.

Most often times people start with their character doing something and instead of tagging write
APPROACHABLE- or tag all participants

Do that and someone will likely roleplay with you within the next 24 hours. Some may not roleply with you due to having to many storylines

But…it isn’t a rule, but people appreciate if you do not jump into theyr storyline without being invited. So the storyline me and another currently have is between just us and not the rest of the memebers of the roleplay

Yes, that’s why i didn’t jump in between it :smiley: Thanks!

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no problem. I suggest tagging everyone with your first post so we see it.
I also suggest making your first post your longest and make it interesting with a guideline of a plot in mind as to not make it boring

Luna Celeste
Luna Celeste walks into Moonlight Cafe and sits down. A waiter proceeds to walk up to her, in time. “Hey, may I have a coffee, with cream, please?” She asks the waiter. The waiter proceeds to nod and walk off for her order. Luna Celeste sits down and stares blankly for a moment before looking outside. She immediately knew what she was smelling. All though her werewolf senses were not as strong as most, due to her being an Angel/Werewolf hybrid, she was still able to tell if it was a werewolf or not.
She was curious to see who was out there, as she already started to feel a bond, without even knowing them. She was hesitant to get up or not, but when she did, she smacked right into someone.

@/livvy613 @/UltimaW @/ThatRandomPerson @/rvaleria322 @/Surface_Hyena57 @/Forever1201 @/valeria.episode @/SarahYandere111 @/Alyssa_Epi @/Blonde_Glasses_Girl @/K.F @/RainyDay

Is this fine?

yeah. That’s fine. JUst put it on the rp thread now

Name: Ambrose Briarthorne-Galathynius.
Forum username: @RainyDay
Character’s age: 28.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
What kind of supernatural creature (or human): Warlock.
Personality: Ambrose can be calm and collective but behind his eyes is a cold hearted monster, one what is swift and merciless. He is a soldier and will kill who ever he needs to. Including family. He lives by the old ways so he’s very traditional. He’s brutal in both battle and in honesty and will make bluntly clear if he doesn’t like you or considers you a threat. Don’t even attempt to p*ss him off because it will end badly for you.
BIO: He’s the eldest son, and is the favoured son by his father’s standards. He is is harsh with all his siblings. He has been training since he was able to hold a sword, and is skilled with a blade. He is a very strong Warlock. He is considered the “sensible” one out of all his siblings. He is also a notorious Assassin in Salem, known as The Knight. Once his father passes he will inherit his title.
Anything else: he has a tattoo on his shoulder.



I’ll do the rest tomorrow.

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okay. two things. 1st, i’d like to hear your plot for these people, as I created the world of Salem and how it works in this rp.

secondly. Do they work for the Royals, or work against them?

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They work for the crown but this is also where you will meet Rain’s family and learn about her past and stuff. A lot of Rain’s siblings are the crowns elite assassin’s who dispatch or find people at their request. Rain was on a mission with two of her brothers to hunt and find Chris and bring him to the Queen.

I’m not sure where the rest of the plot is going but one day at a time.

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okay. just…can you tell me this stuff before so I know and down get lost?

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