The hunters 2: A dark moon rises. (OFFICAL ROLEPLAY)


ORP I got ignored last time


ORP: I guess I wasn’t there :smiley:


OORP: anyone awake? @BrookieK @livvy613 @Owertym @Surface_Hyena57 @ThatRandomPerson @UltimaW


OORP: Yup.


OORP: Uh… you wanna continue that scene with Oasis and Ashlynn?


OORP: Oh god. I was half asleep when we did that… sure I guess. Oasis and Jana are looking at Ashlynn like she’s high…


OORP: lolll, sure—you start?



“ Ashlynn? Are you okay? You started yelling about waffles… “ She asks, clearly trying to hide a laugh.


“No!” I yell “Your gonna say that—then put me back in the waffle floor!”

OORP: omg she does sound high



“ What? Um. Ashlynn are you high? “ Oasis would slightly tilt her head, smirking a little.


ORP: I’m here too


OORP: Hewwo


“I’d think I’d know if I were high.” I say crossing my arms.


OORP: hiii


OORP: I have Hailey ( Human 17 ) open but @ThatRandomPerson gave me control of her characters so Bronwyn and Jace are open too.



This was when Oasis completely lost it. She bursts out laughing.

OORP: I didn’t know how to respond to that…


ORP: Well Bronwyn suppossed to work in the bar with Leonard so…


OORP: Start there?


“Stop!” I yell at her feeling stupid. “I’m not high—and this is probably another stupid play to make me think that I’m safe when I’m not.” I stand up. “Just send me back already.” I say.



“ To the hospital? “ Oasis asks, half laughing.