The hunters 2: A dark moon rises (SIGN UPS) [OPEN]




Signed up my Oc is a werewolf and a dark angel Hybrid if that’s not okay she’s just a werewolf

Is Gabriella aware of the existence of Spectra?

Ooh, what if that’s why she’s here?


ORP - I guess you’ll have to find out… :smirk::smirk:

    1. Allow in mermaids.
    1. Allow in fairies.
    1. Allow both.
    1. Allow neither.

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Let me know if you guys have any other ideas. :grin:


Tainted God(dess) must stay exclusive to Spectra. She’s incredibly OP, but exists to be a major villain for us.


Yeah, I was going to keep that stuff in the no.


Signed up :wink:


Signed up another character




signed another char. I think it’s the last one :smiley:


Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Signed up another char… kinda wanna see other pov’s on chars. :grin:


I signed up…Again


submitted Kyles sister


signed up another char :wink:


i just added my character and her older brother :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! Another char to play with!


Signed up another char :wink:

I added wrong backstory. So please change into that:

He grew up in a family of powerful wizards. Since he was kid he was taught to use magic. He doesn’t like that life so decided to left his family and friends. He is fully mastered ice magic. He can control ravens, talk to them and turn into one, it’s his family thing.


Added another char. David’s brother. This is the last one :smiley: