The hunters 2: A dark moon rises (SIGN UPS) [OPEN]


Plus all of us are signing new characters up


Okay. Thanks!!


I signed up!!


Once your on the FaceClaims you can start roleplaying


You can start rping immediately.


Thank you!! Do you have any ideas on how to start?


I pushed a piece of my hair aside, as I adjusting the strap on my bag. I pushed open the door of the cafe, stepping inside. “Can I get a coffee?” I asked the barista.




I made a Hunter char.


Made a hunter char

i made a new character
last one i swear.



#96 Can I change/ add some things to Adrienne? If so, I would like to add that she has synesthetia and change her name to Hailey. Thanks!!


Singed up agian LAST ONE

#98 can I change Bronwyn’s FC to this?