The hunters 4: Hellfire


OORP: I dont it is…-4 degrees Celsius rn…it isn’t even a cold time of year either


OORP: amen to thatttt—I LOVE the cold…


OORP: I will gladly take your place.


OORP: You lucky damn people and your warm homes… I sit her under 3 blankets and a duvet still shivering


Cause you were asking where it was @BrookieK




I faintly blush a little as she said that, leading to me putting my hand on my neck to cover it. “No…Tristan is helping me with my…problem.” I say the last part with a slight emphasis, hoping she knew what it meant.



ORP - Sounds awesome, I like being under fifty different blankets.


OORP: Am i like to only weird person who can sit on a Florida beach shivering in a sweater? During July?


ORP - My mom understands, she’s the same way.


ORP - Aurgh, I gtg. Gn.


“Oh… that?” I ask standing up. I turn to Tristan. “You know Zeo?” I ask. He shrugs.

“We’re… friends.” He says, but his voice is off.

“Right…” I say as I sit on the couch across form the two.

Tristan sits at the coffee table, setting out a book and potion ingredients. “They’re all here.” Tristan says you Zeo. @Surface_Hyena57


OORP: gn



Seeing the objects on the table, I stood up and took a deep breath. Letting it out then slowly walking over to the coffee table and taking a seat. “Alright…Where do we start?”



“Says we need a drop of the persons blood.” I say, I rummage through the things, handing him a needle. “This should work.” I say. “Just… poke your finger a bit and put it in the cauldron.” I point to the black cauldron I was cleaning out. @Surface_Hyena57



I prick my finger on the needle, watching as it drops in the cauldron. “Is that good enough?”



“Seems so.” I say, I hand him a bandage. “To stop the bleeding…” I say as I hand it to him.

I then turn to the book, “Can you crush some of these?” I ask handing white marble looking objects to Zeo.

“And can you cut these?” I ask Ashlynn who groans but comes down to sit at one side of the coffee table, crushing the leaves quickly—and dumping it in the cauldron.




After using the bandage on my finger to stop the bleeding, I started to crush the objects Tristan gave me, unsure how finely it needed to be crushed. “Just let me know when I should stop with this.”



I wait for a few moments before saying, “there is fine.” I take the now powdery substance, grabbing a handful and dumping it into the cauldron. I take 3 squid bulbs, popping them just a bit before adding them to the potion—and take a tincture if thyme. I begin storing it counterclockwise, twice, then clockwise once. I do this 3 times before letting the potion set.

“We just have to leave the potion be for a minute or two, and once it starts smoking, you can drink it.” I say to Zeo. @Surface_Hyena57



I nod, hearing him. But also a little lost in thought, talking this over in my head.

Whatever I’ve forgotten and been blocking off in my mind that was too dangerous for me to handle is about to be revealed…Do I want this?..Should I be scared?..I can’t back out now though…



Zeo’s thoughts are pretty depressing—but I don’t bring it up. That’d be weird. So instead I look at the two, they are sitting oddly close, but not to close.

“Something wrong?” Tristan asks me.

“Are you guys dating or something?” I ask Tristan and Zeo. Tristan doesn’t reply but blushes a bit—leaving Zeo to reply.