The hunters 5: Cold blooded



“Well…I guess you are. Though I’m not really part of the family as much as you may think.” I looked at Kara, then to Shelly again.



“You’re just as much part of this family as anyone Cassien” I tell him.

She just stands there awkwardly



“Oregon.” I said, as I tried to find a place to sit. @BrookieK



I eye her, “Sure…I’m going outside to move my bike. Feel free to make yourself comfortable in the meantime.” I start to walk outside,

@BrookieK by the way, he had a twin that died in a car crash, just so you know.


Would I be able to join as a newcomer to town?


OORP; sure

You can sign up there :smiley:


ORP: You need to create char first, then yes


ORP- I’m here if you have any questions.


OORP: I’m going to bed…night :slight_smile:


ORP: bye, I’m going to work


ORP - please fill out the sign up on the chat. I’ll add you in a second.


ORP: Does anybody wanna RP? @Livvy613 @BrookieK @Surface_Hyena57 @Owertym @C_ssie


ORP: @BrookieK/@Owertym What was the last Casey, April, Lillian, Matt, Oliver, Bronwyn, Dante, Nova post?
@Owertym last bar squad post? last Avery and Quinn post?
@Surface_Hyena57 last Payne and Zoey post?


ORP; I would love to RP if you are okay with that.


ORP: Fine with me. I have

Josh ( Fire Elemental, 22 )
Adrian ( Warlock, 21 )
Jas ( Wendigo, 20 )
Anissa ( Witch, 19 )
Hailey ( Human, 17 )
Emika ( Human, 14 )


ORP: Sorry, right now I only have Leia (Vampire, 19)


ORP: It’s fine. Who do you want to meet?


I laughed. “Okay.” @ThatRandomPerson



I yawn.
“ Local diner? “ I suggest, considering that’s the only place I know of where we can eat. Yeah, there’s other restaurants, and yeah, I’ve lived here most of my life, it’s just I don’t really pay attention to anything, so we’re going somewhere familiar to me.


Anyone I don’t mind