The hunters 6: Midnight



I sigh and tuck my phone into my pocket.
“ I dunno. Teach me to mix some more drinks so I can actually work the bar and not utterly fail? “



“I know what a sun necklace is… I thought that was your phone! Are you okay?” @ThatRandomPerson


“Sure” says he and starts teaching her @ThatRandomPerson



I close the door behind us, walking over to the couch and sitting down, pulling a blanket over me. I turn on The Office.
“ You hungry? “ I ask Matt.


“ Cool. So hurry up, then “ I grin at her, pulling out my phone.



ORP - I have the highest amount of posts.


“ I’m fine. I guess a hangover means that I’m more clumsy than usual. That makes sense, right? “ I ask, pulling an iced latte out of the fridge, despite my hate of coffee.


I laugh, not knowing how I reply. “Yeah… people usually don’t know how to uhm… reply.” I say. “Uhm—that was… nothing.”


ORP: Livvy only has one. Pffffft. What a loser




“I just think you’re going into this because you feel like you have to.” @C_ssie



I mix the drink, pouring it into a glass. I stare at it.
“ That looks disgusting… “



I shake my head and sit beside her, “What are we watching?”

“I should take long on purpose now” I say smiling and look through a few tops



ORP - Yeah, but this is going to center along the ENTIRE plot of this rp. So she has to be here before I drop the ‘bomb’.


I walk towards the lake—until I notice Ravens flying. Great.

“You here?” I yell to no one in particular as I approach the lake. @Owertym



I frown, throwing the blanket over him too.
“ Um. The Office?? “


“ Do it and I leave you here “ I threaten, grinning and looking down at my phone.



He laughs “Taste is not better too” says he @ThatRandomPerson


ORP: So by that does that mean she can be here with me and you drop the ‘ bomb? ‘ Not on her own account since she’s grounded? I’ll see her after we eat dinner. Probably at like 6 or 7 central time?


ORP - Ask her. I don’t want her to be mad…


“Oh it’s you” says she when notices Violet @C_ssie


“I… don’t know at this point.” I say. “He said to get over him—well… more like me saying to get over him or I’d ruin his life even more…”