The hunters 6: Midnight


“You’re not a mess Kayreen, you are in a messy situation.” I sighed. “You are so much more than what you think you are.” @C_ssie


ORP - Isn’t Violet prego?


“Sounds interesting… I tought you come to drown yourself or your child” jokes she @C_ssie


ORP: She is,


OORP: Isannah and Alona?


ORP - Sure, you start.


OORP: yea



“Sure let’s go…” she walks with him to her house.



I slowly walk trough the forest. I close my eyes as the voice comes through in my mind.

Where are you going? It asks harshly
A walk. I just killed someone. I respond looking at the blood on my hands
There is no shame in that. It is your nature It says and I shake my head
It is Your nature. Not mine I respond before it blocks me out.

I continue to walk north, not sure if im deeper on the forest or closer to town. Either way I have to find somewhere to stay and get rid of the blood


I shrug. “People always say that… but I know that I’ve done this to myself—cause if I didn’t do anything… then I wouldn’t be like this.”


“I’m not that depressed…” I reply. “Plus, how do I drown a child that I haven’t even given birth to?” @Owertym


She shrugs “I don’t know how long you are pregnant, so maybe it born when I left” says she @C_ssie


“I don’t think so…” I glanced at her. “I think you’re here for a purpose.” @C_ssie


Violet @Owertym
“Uh… that’s not how pregnancies work.” I rpely. @Owertym


I laugh harshly. “And what would that be?” I ask. “Ruin more lives and cry about it?”


“Well you know better how it works” says she @C_ssie


I shook my head. “No… and I can’t exactly put my finger on it.” I stood up. “Home?” I asked, offering my hand. @C_ssie


“Are you okay?” I asked, approaching her. @BrookieK


I snap my head around, “Ugh…yes? Who are you?”


“Well… Yeah.” I say. “And you don’t?” @Owertym