The hunters 6: Midnight


I sigh. “I guess so then.” I reply taking his hand to stand up.


“I haven’t been pregnant, so” says she @C_ssie


I drove her home, stopping at her house. “I had a really good time.” I said, with a small smile. @C_ssie


I looked at her, then at the blood. “Holy sh*t!” I said, backing away. @BrookieK


My eyes widen and I look at my hands putting them behind my back and leaning on a tree, “Who are you?” I ask again


“Stay away from me.” I said, breaking into a run. @BrookieK


OORP: yeahh… @Owertym gtg.


ORP: bye


I force my back hard tot he tree as my eyes turn a glowing gold,

No. Not now I say to it clenching my fist
Yes now. She wants a chase
No. I just let you. She doesn’t she is scared I say and kneel on the floor
All the better It says laughing in my head.

I scream aloud in frustration as I battle myself for control over the spirit I thought it was Isannah not Daiyu


ORP- Oops, fixed,


I fell to the ground. I felt dizzy. I shook my head, as I gasped. @BrookieK


ORP- Bye! :wave:


I blink over and over as I try to stand and go after her

Dont. Dont shift please I beg to it through my mind and I see the girl.

“Please dont run away.” I say slowly approaching her “It makes it worse”


I got up, running towards the street. @BrookieK


I run after her and grab her arm softly, “Please dont run. Then I have no choice. I wont hurt you”


I ran smack into her. “What the hell Isaamah?!”


“Sh*t.” I muttered. I ran faster towards the street. I screamed, as I woman smashed into another car. I was supposed to save her… I dropped to the ground, tears filling into my eyes. @BrookieK

“Who are you?!” I demanded, my red eyes looking at her angrily. @BrookieK


“It doesn’t matter” I tell the girl looking into her red eyes with my glowing ones. My face filled with fear


My eyes widened. “What the hell are you?!” @BrookieK


I gulp, “What are you? Red eye aren’t normal” I say trying to be not too suspicious. But the bloody hands and glowing eyes dont help me