The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


OORP: that sounds fun—if only I had time to lifeguard. Yet other sports await for me.


ORP: Same



(They may be able to see his phone through his jacket, in the lining of the side.)



OORP: ah… have you ever swimmed in a lake?


ORP: Um. Yes


“Great… now I can’t wear it at all.” @ThatRandomPerson


“ohhhhhh, I remember now” She laughs, “Can’t believe I forgit”

I shake my head, “No. Its just segments. Like one minute I’m watching the movie with Nate, then I wake up to the pain and being outside with Nate and you. Then the pain, blacking out and waking up here”



OORP: I’ve swam in all the great lakes and swam across a lake in Renfrew



I finally put out the fire, giving an apologetic look to Quinn, handing him his jacket.
“ I’m really sorry… “


ORP- I edited it, for him to have the arrow next to his heart, instead of the shoulder.)


I slowly open my eyes, trying to stay still as I was being shaken. “…What…What is it?”



“Well this is stupid—can we leave?” I ask turning to Dexter. Instead he points at a silver object in the lining of his jacket.

“There.” Dexter says. I nod, looking at it, before pulling out a phone.

I look at it, pretty normal. “Is this really what you were fussing about?” I ask. “That’s bloody stupid.”



ORP: Like…the over 10,000 Great Lakes In MN?


I sighed. “It’s fine.” @ThatRandomPerson



“ I think you were attacked by a Hunter. This is going to hurt “ I say, grasping the arrow before yanking it out.



OORP: Canadian great lakes, genius :roll_eyes:


OORP: luckkky… I’ve only swam in lakes in Cali and some in Russia and Britain when I go on vacations… lucky af.



“ No. It’s not. I’ll buy you a new one “


OORP: wanna con’t with Vincent and Kayreen?



I laugh aloong with her, “Oh, alright. Ready to start?” I say, swiping the game card to the machine.


I nod, thinking. “…Do you have any idea of what could be going on? Has this ever happened to you before…or anything like it?” I ask, just in case it’s more than her shifting.




I resumed my breathing, laying to the side to catch my br death and get back to reality. “…Yes…It was…” I say, taking my phone from him with my extremely shaky hand.