The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


The lights begin to flash and she rolls the ball up, trying to get it in the point, circle, thingy

“Well, Nate said I shifted. And when I was younger, around…I dont know 11 maybe, I got pains. Pains like that where it felt like my body was breaking and burning. It would happen for maybe an hour or two then just stop”



ORP: Does anybody else wanna RP?



“Ahh!” I yell, gritting my teeth and falling from the tree. Only to see that the arrow had an empty vile on the end. I realized that I couldn’t efficiently move. “What…what happened?” I said, falling to the ground as my shirt stained a dark red.



“Well that’s stupid—I’m still a kid… yet I don’t die when my phone goes missing…” @Surface_Hyena57



“ I don’t know “ I sigh, putting pressure on the wound. “ I just found you here. I wonder if whoever did this is still here “



OORP: well helllooo

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ORP: Cool. Who do you have. All my characters except for… Avery, Saige, and Jas are taken.



I shook my head, angered by his lack of understanding. “It’s…different…for me.” I sit against the wall, still catching my breath, holding on to my phone tightly.



OORP: well… I have all of my charchters open except Dextorious, Ashlynn, and Kayreen…


“What—are you a cyborg?” I ask. “You have Powers that bind you to technology?” @Surface_Hyena57



I make it a few times, but I was never really good at Skee-ball anyways.


“Do you think it’s something The Bridge could have done? If they gave you any gene depressants, it could have triggered something.”



ORP: Do any of your characters get annoyed easily?


OORP: Brian… Eden… August… basically all the chars in to lazy to use… why?



“It was those…Those green Jacket guys again…” I kick away from her as much as I can. Moving away despite the pain, laying back. I put my hand up, “No, don’t…”



“I really dont like this game”

I bite my lip thinking, “I know when I was younger, but I’m not sure about recently. I spent a lot of my time there, sleeping or passing out. So it is possible but I dont know”



ORP: Wasn’t Brian kidnapped with April way back in the 3rd thread, I believe?



I shook my head, my jaw shaking a little, as well as my lip. “I’m just…Different than…most people.”




I hesitate before pulling my hand away, looking for any cloth I can use to compress the wound.
“ Those Green Jacket dudes are crazy “

@Surface_Hyena57 Would they still be around?


OORP: That was in the third thread???


ORP: Idk. It was a guess