The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


OORP: hmm… yeah. Think so.


ORP: Interested in having a lil’ reunion? Possibly because they’re kidnapped by Dante again, if @BrookieK wants to control him rn? If not, can they just run into each other?



“They are…” I grab her hand gently, trying to stop her from doing anything. "Just…don’t…"




I pull my hand away, raising an eyebrow.
“ Why not? You don’t want help? “



“Aha—so you are a cyborg!” I exclaim. “Do you explode at water?!”

Dexter groans. “C’mon Ashlynn—Stop, we have to go before cops realize what you did.” He says.

I ignore Dexter. “Your a robot right?!” I exclaim to the man.



OORP: sure—sounds fun… you start though.


ORP: Shouldn’t we see if @BrookieK wants to?


OORP: Sure…—




“Yeah…” I say, throwing the last ball, then leaning back. “It’s not as fun as I remember.”


“Alright.” I nodded, thinking about what I could do. “…Do you need anything? Water, food…?”




“No…I do…Even if I say I don’t.” I laugh a little, a teas silently falling. “…I just need a minute.”




I nod, taking a step back.
“ I’ll look for any clue of Green dudes “ I say, looking around the forest




I shake my head, looking down. “…No…I might as well be, though.” I say sadly, looking down.

@C_ssie what if he is a robot/cyborg/android? That happened to me once, actually.



I lay back, managing to shaking get my hand over my face. I was in a lot of pain, but I was also used tok ignoring it.

I had a few minutas to myself, when suddenly, a green jacket came up behind me. His weapon drawn and handcuffs in hand.




I examine a random footprint in the ground that probably isn’t Drake’s. I slowly make my way back to him, trying to give him as much time as possible.



“Uh… the hell?” I say. “You an actual robot?” I ask. “Cause if so I’m an magical witch who can turn into a wolf.”

Dexter’s eyes widen. “Ashlynn—don’t say anymore.”

“Why?” I ask. “He’s a robot or something… or whatever…”

@Surface_Hyena57 that would be amazing.


Green Jacket

He gestures for Drake to move, so he does. Though, too slowly for his taste. So he kicks him down, hard. "You bring disgrace to Arcmore, King."




I realize that I actually hadn’t wandered very far from Drake, so I call out to him.
“ So I found a footprint, but I don’t think it was yours “ I yell to him when he’s a good distance away from me, but in my line of vision.

@Surface_Hyena57 I’m gonna say Green Jacket Dude is hidden by some trees.



I shake my head, “No, I’m not a robot…or a werewolf, or anything. I’m just human, like everyone else.” I say, looking up. “…I just have a hard time with a few things…like this.” I say, holding my phone out, shakily.

@C_ssie then he’ll go around like, I want to be a real boy!


ORP: Lmao. “ I want to be a real boy!


“Why—What’s about your phone—that your heart or something?” I ask.

@Surface_Hyena57 and Ashlynn’s over here like that annoying person who won’t stfu