The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


OORP: I’m flying potato


ORP: You high again?



I stay down, on the ground, looking over to Saige, shaking my head and looking back, as if I were to say You have to go.

A gunshot echoes and fall back, yelling in pain and holding my leg.



OORP: when have I ever been high. Bruh.


ORP: I think the real question is when have you ever not been high



My eyes widen, and I run over to Drake.
“ Homy sh*t!! We need to get out of here “ I say, completely missing the Green Jacket Dude standing above me.



“It’s fine, I have plenty.” I said. @ThatRandomPerson



I sigh.
“ I still feel like I should pay you back somehow “



“No, I…” I sigh, “I’m ‘human,’ but…I don’t have full control of some of my emotions, attachments…” I shake my head. “And for some reason, I’m…really attached to this phone…But, in reality, I could care less about this phone.”



OORP: my god. Halp.


I smiled, thinking of a joke in my mind. “Just be here, that’s the best gift of all.” @ThatRandomPerson


“So you fell in love with a phone—but you also don’t love it?” I ask.

“Ashlynn—cmon. We have to go.” Dexter says.

I ignore him, staring straight at the strange man.




I raise an eyebrow at him.
“ Right. Now can you open this huge *ss gate of yours? “ I ask as we approach it


ORP - ummm sure. Can you find the last post?



I quickly push Saige to the side as the Green Jacket moves to attack her. He hits me instead, knocking me to the side, into a tree.



I lightly pushed it, causing it to break open. “My lady.” I said, with a bow. @ThatRandomPerson



I kick the Green Jacket Dude back, running overboard to Drake.
“ D*mmit!! Are you alright? “



I scoffed, but softly. “I didn’t mean it that way Vince.” I say. “It came out wrong—just drop it…”



“ It was that easy? “ I ask, sighing and walking through the gate. “ Well. Race you “ I say, starting to run.



I gave a slightly sad laugh. “Yeah…I guess that’s one way you could put it.” I look up, seeing her staring at me, but I only stare back. “It’s more like having your feelings over something forced, but…it somehow becomes natural. So you know what you really feel, but you can’t act on it.” I pause. “…I…I just feel so…trapped when I react like that.”