The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


ORP- Wrong tag sis.



“ I never said—just forget it “ I sigh. “ I feel dead inside “ I say, walking over to him.


“Probably In Ashlynn’s room creeping around.” I say. “He’s a lot like you…”


I refrained from telling her I was literally dead inside, as I nodded. “I get the feeling.” @ThatRandomPerson



I give him a slight smile.
“ I wonder why. I’m beat, though “ I yawn. “ And you don’t sleep “


“Really?” I said, amused.

I laughed evilly, throwing eggs at Ashlynn’s window. I leaned on my window cill, the chilly winter air seeping through. @C_ssie


“Doesn’t mean I’m not tired of the universe’s bullsh*t.” I said, giving her a hug. “Let’s go upstairs.” @ThatRandomPerson


“Yeah… Dexter and Dillion seem to be taken by Ashlynn… it’s weird. Anyways—why don’t you check in his room—it’s he last one on the left—I need to check on Jocelyn anyways.”



I nod, pulling away and starting up the stairs.
“ I think we’re all tired of the universe’s bullsh*t “


I raised an eyebrow. “Is there a fourth kid I don’t know about?” I said, jokingly. @C_ssie


“Amen to that.” I said, following after her. @ThatRandomPerson



“I hope it doesn’t get that far, but…If whatever’s controlling me wants me to, then yeah, I guess so.” I leaned my hand over my arm, seeing it shake.




I reach the top of the stairs, looking around.
“ Where exactly am I going? “


I rold my eyes. “Unless you count Ashlynn’s kid as your own.” I reply. “But seriously—check on Dillion. Maybe you can tell him to stop being a playboy.”


ORP- I did the last timeskip. How about you do it this time? @ThatRandomPerson


ORP: Erm. Where exactly would they be, because I’m assuming Green Jacket Dude took them…right?


“Doesn’t matter.” I said, swooping her off her feet. “How about we take a break from the universe, huh?” I said, carrying her with a smile. @ThatRandomPerson


“Oh my god—one day you’ll fall in love with a tree.” I say exited. @Surface_Hyena57


“Yeah. It’s really not” She sighs, “Well I mean from what people have told me”

“Some water would be nice, but I actually wanted to say thank you to you. For helping me”




I smile at him, biting my lip.
“ Well, that’s why I want to sleep… “ I shrug, cracking my knuckles.