The hunters 8: Death’s Cemetery


I nodded, walking toward the room. I stopped. “I am not a playboy!” @C_ssie


ORP: Lmao


“Never said you were!” I say putting my hands up. “But he took… certain aspects from you—and it’s really weird to see my son flirting with Ashlynn of all people.”


ORP- Well, yeah. We could always say someone else took them and got them out olf there. Maybe another one of our characters or something. Anything but them going to the hospital.



ORP: …Um. Idk how to start this, so this is what you get.

Time Skip


I slowly wake up, confused as everything spins.



I laughed. “Maybe he is like me.” I said, opening the bedroom door. @C_ssie

I threw another egg, listening to Psycho Social.


OORP: shall I take control of dill pickle now?



“And why are you so excited about that? It really means nothing. Considering that I could fall in love with…A tree, some random person on the street, like you…” I say, listing off a bunch of Random things.



I sighed. “Okay.” @ThatRandomPerson



“ So where are we going, exactly? “ I ask, trying to sit up.


I imitate a barf. “Just saying… you could fall in love with a trash can.” I say. @Surface_Hyena57



“Alright, I get it…Though you shouldn’t compare yourself to a trash can.” I say, slowly standing, still with a slight shake.




“Oh, your welcome…” I gave a short smile, “It was really more of a team effort between Nate and I.”



“Fine.” I say. “Then you could fall in love with an emotionally unstable teenage psychotic girl.” I pause. “Or you can fall in love with Dexter over here.” I say pointing to Dexter, who seems less than happy. @Surface_Hyena57



I open my eyes, looking around again, though I was unable to move on my own at a normal ease.




I see that we’re still in the forest—at least, I am. I slowly get up, but everything spins, causing me to stumble around.



I smile, “Still.” I say to him, “If it weren’t for you two…well I think you know what would have likely happened”




I shrug, leaning on the wall. “Well, that could all happen.” I shrugged, slowly heading back to the shop, rain starting to fall.



I shrug, following the man as rain began to fall. “So you could also fall in love with a car?” I ask. @Surface_Hyena57



I look around, unable to see much, but I only see a bit of shrubbery. “Saige?..Saige?!” I yell, looking for her, only to hear the rattle of chains and an echo.