The Hunters 9: The Key To Hell


:key: The Hunters: The Key To Hell:key:

Pleasant Springs… A confusing place filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, anything that goes bump in the night. You definitely want to keep you door locked, and your shutters closed. Because as the few humans left fear for their lives, the supernatural creatures are barely keeping their secret. In this story, it’s sink of swim.

(You guys can be humans, hunters, or monsters. It’s your choice.)

  1. Cursing is allowed, but please, please put a little * over one of the letters.
  2. Romance is encouraged, but do not include inappropriate scenes.
  3. No real drama on the roleplay.
  4. Please do not make drastic changes without consulting me first.
  5. No homophobic, or racist characters. I don’t care that this is ‘just a roleplay’ that is offensive.
  7. Add as many characters as you please.

Monster rules for this roleplay

  1. Werewolves can turn without a full moon, but not very often.
  2. Vampires can drink from humans, or blood bags. They can’t survive off animal blood.
  3. If werewolves bite anyone THEY WILL TURN INTO A WEREWOLF.
  4. For vampires to turn humans they must feed them their blood.
  5. Witches can use dark, light, and nature magic
  6. Hunters are not supernatural, but must have extreme training.
  7. Monsters cannot become hunters.
  8. Demons cannot enter churches.
  9. Angels can posses people, but only with their permission. Angels do not have human bodies, they can only posses others.
  10. Angels do not need to sleep, eat, or drink; But they can if they want.
  11. If mermaids touch water, they shift.
  12. If you kill the vampire that ‘compelled’ you. You get your memories back.
  13. A siren’s song can make anyone except another siren do whatever they say.
  14. Wendigos eat humans.
  15. You can only become a wendigo by being possessed by one.


  1. Vampires have: Super speed, super hearing, and super strength. They can also smell blood from a mile away, and can heal quickly. They also have compulsion (the ability to make people forget things) Their weakness is the sun, they need to wear a spelled piece of jewelry to survive in the sun. They can only die by a steak in the heart. Click here for more information on vampires.
  2. Werewolves have: Super smell, hearing, quick healing, and strength. They can also tell if someone’s a vampire or a werewolf. They feel a natural bond towards one of their kind. Their weakness is silver. For more about werewolves
  3. Witches have: Different umbalites depending on their powers. Witches usually come in convents. Weaknesses may vary. For more about Witches
  4. Hybrids have: A mix of vampire and Werewolf except they are RARE and have to be born that way. Or be bitten by a hybrid on a full moon. They are also very powerful. Weakness a silver steak.
  5. Ghost have: The ability to go through walls, posses people, and objects. Ghost can be invisible if they want. Weaknesses: Salt, and iron. For more about ghosts
  6. Demons have: They ability to posses people, make deals, and can turn invisible. Weaknesses are salt, holy water, churches, and flitch under the word of God. They can’t touch bibles, or enter churches. They can’t be killed, unless by an angel blade. For more about Demons
  7. Angels can fly, have magic ability’s, kill demons, go into heaven, and heal people. Their wings are invisible to the human eye, and can only be seen by other angels, and demons. Weaknesses: They can be killed with an angel blade, which only other angels have. They can only be killed by demons or other angels.
  8. Mermaids can control water, and the sea. They also have beautiful voices.
  9. Wendigos are fast, strong, and viscous.
  10. Dragons can shift into a dragon whenever they please, if they are in control with their power.
  11. When a wendigo turns into a wendigo, they have no conscious memory or thought of what they are doing.
  12. Dragons can have fire powers, regardless if they are in human form or not.

A few tidbits

  1. Werewolves feel the natural need to move, especially if they haven’t turned that day.
  2. Hybrids don’t need to feed as much as vampires, or turn as much as wolves.
  3. Angels struggle with human emotions, and don’t understand most human needs.
  4. Not all demons are heartless, though most are.
  5. Ghosts usually keep themselves hidden, it’s difficult for them to talk to the living.
  6. Witches feel a natural bond towards other witches.
  7. Hybrids don’t burn in the sun like vampires, but it does hurt them if they don’t wear a spelled necklace like the vampires.
  8. Mermaids love to swim, and like werewolves feel the natural need to do it.

Face claims

Click here to learn about The Town

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ORP: First


ORP - Omg.


ORP: Uhm…What?


My breaths even out, my body temperature slowly returning



ORP - I run out of title ideas.


ORP: Why Don’t you call it sink or swim?


ORP - Because that doesn’t make sense.


“Now to get you a job” He says motioning for her to leave the room



ORP: So I’m assuming there actually was a Supernatural/Human war, and now the supernatural are about to be exposed.



“Okay…Are you in handcuffs or restrained in any way?” They asked, their voice changing as if they were hurt.

@ThatRandomPerson she doesn’t have handcuffs.



She reluctantly leaves, taking a deep breath.
“ Great “




She looks down at her wrists.
“ Uh. Not that I know of… “



ORP - Does the Key To Hell sound better?


ORP: Yes



I look at her, sitting her up a little, “Alana?”



“Up the stairs to the main floor” He says




“…There’s a panel in the left corner of the room. If you can reach it, pull it up.”



I give no response, my body just becoming heavier




She waits a moment before heading up the stairs, turning left when she reaches the top.