The Hunters 9: The Key To Hell






“Your welcome.” She replied, sitting back down.


“Thank you for helping me.” I said, standing up. “I really appreciate it.” @Surface_Hyena57



“No problem.” She smiled, “I would just reccomend keeping an eye out going through the woods…Or staying away from there in general.”


I nodded, hearing the doorbell ring. @Surface_Hyena57


She sighs, “Then what do we do?” She asks, glancing at Bridge again, “He’s still my friend. I still care about him, regardless of what he did to us” She frowns, “I want to fix all this, but I want to try and help him” She says and looks back to Auden, hugging him like she never would again.


I look at the two, leaning on a wall. “yeah, that’s Tristan” I say to Izu. I push myself over to the balcony doors and open them, “You okay, Zeo? Tristan?” I ask them

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OORP: Sure I have
Astrid (Demon, 19)
Aphate (immortal/goddess, 5000)
Christian (Warlock/elemental, 20)
Dante (Warlock, 210)
Drenda (immortal, 150)
Elizabeth (Witch, 17)
Everest (Dragon, 600 000)
Kara (Elemental, 19)
Marina (???, 18)
Matt (Siren, 17)
Maxon (Hybrid, 33)
Scarlett (?, 17)
Shelly, (Elemental, 36)
Shurikan ‘Emily’ (Dragon, 22)

you choose, you start

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My head rested against the bus window, passing a weathered sign reading: Welcome to Pleasant Springs!

I sat up, the sleeping teenage boy next to me pressing his weight onto me. I pushed him aside, picking up my phone. Thank God… Service. I put in my headphones, listening to some music. I stepped out of the bus, throwing my backpack over my shoulder. Pleasant Springs…



I leaned on the side of the bus stop box, smirking. I waved my hand slightly, the ear bids of the girl falling to thee snowy ground, “Not many come to Pleasant Springs” I say to her, “What brings you here?”

She walks into the station, right towards Ren. “Have you found him? It’s been nearly three weeks, Ren” She says



She stood up, making sure it wasn’t anyone except for his sister.



“I…don’t know…If you could manage to take his shadow, you might be able to get him.” He said, thinking. “…But you’d need someone to get close to him, who’s powerful enough to go against him.”


I look up to see Faith, shaking my head in response to her question.



She frowns, “Like…his son perhaps?” She suggests, trying to figure someway to fix it

I walk up beside him, “What happened to you? Did they attack you?” I ask him, worried




“Maybe…But I thought he was only a fire elemental.” He said, still hugging her.


“They…Tried to take me somewhere, I think.” He said, gritting his teeth.




“ No—it’s fine. I can just go home. You probably wouldn’t want to sleep on glass “


She nods, “Maybe…maybe they know someone, Nate could get close to him, and another person could help him?” She suggests, putting her head on his shoulder

I nod, leaning my hands on the rail and looking below. “Yeah,” I say, “Apparently because you’re an heir”




He nods, “That could work, but Bridge is smart. You’ll have to be careful with whatever you do.”


He paused, looking at her hand. “Did they target you too?”




She frowns.
“ I could try to carry you and try to heal you somehow… “ She suggests, looking to the fire that was quickly spreading.



“I know,” She says, “But I’ve also known him for over 25 years” she says

I shrug, “I dont know. I know I was attacked by a jaguar, almost had my hand ripped off. But I dont know if I was a target too, or if it was only you they wanted”




“…Even if you did, I don’t know if I’d survive moving that far.” He said, his breathing slowing down.