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Im doin way better than i thought i would be x3


Hihihi! A new episode of The Infected is out!


oh man, every new episode of this story makes me so excited to see what’ll happen next.


This is my favorite story on Episode! I am so attached to the group. I’m on the latest chapter. I’m close with Cody and Estafania, and friendly with Tamira and Karim.

While I initially really liked Cody since he saved my MC at the school, I’d ended up mainly pursuing Estafania as a love interest. But then Cody made a lowkey pass at my MC while we were in the woods, and I went for it lol. Now I’m confused on which one to go for. :sweat_smile:


I know I was suppose to wait for DJ, but I couldn’t wait anymore. I read both chapters. I’m best friends with the girls, and inseparable with the boys.

I’m a few episodes behind! (13) I had to shield my eyes when I entered this thread lol I was afraid I’d spoil it for myself, but I’ve SO missed posting in here and talking to all of you! :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I really wish episode gave us unlimited replays :cry: cause this story is so amazing I’d love to re-read it a thousand times :heart_eyes: I often like to wait for episodes to build up before going in and reading them… but I am chomping at the bit right now without my fix of The Infected! :heart:


I felt hopeless with them after the bariicade ppl wouldnt let anyone pass through.It makes sense why carter was going there now he had proper clerance. Im sure those ppl rushing the border are gonna get gunned down.Cody os obiouvsly distressed…muttering to himself trying to make plans about how to survive… A very tense chapter…

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I thought Cody was possessed or something, it legit scared me lol


Hahaha, no… :joy:
My story has zombies, but I can promise there will be no demonic possession.


So I read the entire story and honestly when I first read the bio it didn’t interest much however I played the first few episode and you can really tell how much it’s heavily influenced by telltales walking dead and it does really well with the character development and the pacing with everything HOWEVER there’s just one slight problem I have with it. In the telltales walking dead game you first play and lee who has a back story along about him getting arresting or something and it affects the story same thing with clementine but in the episode version you have NOTTHHIINNGG about your character. Nada. And it kind of bothers me because your character has no story development or anything. Kinda seems like a side character but that’s the only genuine problem I have with it.

Other than that it’s an excellent story and really is one of the best :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

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She was student council president before the outbreak
Eh i like to think they werent meant to develop in highschool (obviously since zombies x3) they develop as the zombie invasion happens


Yeah I understand that it’s done to develop other parts of the story but when the characters are talking about their past or something the writer could’ve at least said something about the main characters story.

For example when Stef was talking about her family the main character could’ve talked about her dad always make her follow the rules cause and that’s what made her be a the council president. And that would genuinely create a better bond with the characters. Ur character acts more like a therapist about always being there to talk than anything else.

I don’t mind if there aren’t scenes dedicated to the main character but small hint here and there would make the her feel more shes just as much apart of the story as Cody.

She feels like a complete side character because not much is focused on her as person or her past or even her personality

It’s just my opinion tho