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I stalked followed her Instagram and noticed that she said she will publish
episode 18, 19 (epilogue) and 20 (bonus chapter). (It’s from May 11th.)


Wait, really? Also lmao, ‘followed’.
High-key died a little when the original ended on a cliffhanger :sob:


that’s what I felt when i read the featured version :pensive:


Hey Guys, I am also a huge fan of The Infected and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the author is gonna release the rest of the chapters. Thank You :blush: :blush: :blush:

I hope the author finishes. Amazing story.

Is it weird that when I first saw chief Carter I thought he was hot, but the MOMENT he spoke I instantly disliked him?



This is a complete sentence

I would’ve loved to question that lady that stole the packs and bikes too.

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yessss like there were so many unanswered questions :((

@Caitoriri please can you tell me why every opening scene thing says “This story contains mature themes and frightening elements.” Can you have mature themes with Cody if your relationship is Best Friends?

Please tell me how to have a mature theme with him!!! I love Cody!!! I ship my character and Cody so much, so please, please tell me how you unlock mature themes with him!!

I mean I’ve had a few kisses here and there with him but nothing beyond that. Please, please tell me how I unlock the mature scenes with him!!

Also, I have max survival points but in the episode where Cody gets injured and he can ride on your bike, it says “You don’t have enough survival points to ride your own bike.” Can you fix it, please?

Thanks, Cait!

Hi! Sorry, I don’t get notifications from here to my email anymore so I didn’t realize you’d asked a question until my friend let me know.

The mature themes in the warning screen refer to the mature themes of death, police brutality, etc, and not mature as in sex.
If you want a guide on how to unlock all romance scenes with Cody, you can hit me up on Instagram though.

In the episode where Cody is injured (episode 18), unfortunately I don’t have access to that version of the story. That story is controlled by Episode and I can’t edit it to remove any bugs or make any changes. The version I’m in control of only has 17 episodes since I haven’t finished directing episode 18 yet. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about any issues readers are experiencing in that version. :frowning:



My uncle won’t let me have Instagram because of an issue with a boy I had so I can’t hit you up on Instagram. I can give you my real email for my laptop though if that’s any use? Or you can help me here.

Can you fully direct chapter 18 or no? Cuz it’d be awesome if you could!! I love The Infected. It’s the best story I’ve ever read and I’ve replayed it 4 times as of now,

Also, you know when you get to the blockade where the Military is and then you climb up that mountain and Cody goes into the forest alone after muttering some stuff, can you make it an option so my character can go after him instead of just either Karim, Tamira, or letting him be alone, please?

Also, can you make the replays more than 5, please? I’ve got to the maximum replays but want to replay more!

Many Thanks, S

Hi, Caitoriri! I’m not sure how often you check forums, but I just want you to know what an inspiration your work is. It definitely raises the bar for writing/directing/character building for community stories. So excited to see what you come out with next if you do so! :sparkles:

What does Danny write in his diary in Episode 2? Please can someone tell me.